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Sig Hansen Only Agreed To Be On Deadliest Catch To Celebrate His Family Legacy

In an interview with Riverfront Times, Sig Hansen reflected on how he and his siblings were hired for “Deadliest Catch.” They were scheduled to meet network representatives at a bar, but the reps were running late. Therefore, by the time they arrived, the Hansens had already enjoyed a few drinks and were completely unfazed by the situation. “And they liked what they saw ’cause we were bantering back and forth because we weren’t afraid of the camera. I thought it would be a neat tribute for our family,” he said. “That’s the only reason I did it.”

The Hansens’ inclusion on “Deadliest Catch” has allowed them to spotlight their dangerous work on the Bering Sea, as well as that of Sverre and several generations before him. On the show, Edgar said, “I don’t think my old man knew what he was leaving behind. To him, it was just a job. But to us, this is our world. It’s a legacy to be proud of.”

Now, the next round of Hansens is preparing to someday take over the F/V Northwestern. Just as his father did, Sig is showing his daughter Mandy Hansen the ropes and is confident that she’ll eventually follow in his footsteps. Additionally, though Mandy found reality television to be a bit terrifying at first, she’s warming up to the idea.

He said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “She and her husband [Clark Pederson] can take it and run. I don’t care. They are young, they got this …”

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