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Shows on Apple TV+, Ranked Best to Worst

With Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Sling, Peacock, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and so many more streaming choices available at the click of a button, it can be daunting.

While Apple TV+ hasn’t been as well received as its competitors, the newest streaming service has added a lot of shows, and a good bit of them look compelling. With everything from original and adorable kids shows to intriguing mind-bending horror like Servant, who knows what Apple will toss onto the list next?

In a time of overpriced streaming subscriptions and lackluster shows, it’s refreshing to have some new tricks on the table. Exclusive series like Ted Lasso made people tune in to Apple TV+; Ted Lasso subsequently became a major hit show and has received rave reviews, which also fared well for Apple TV+ subscriptions. Now, after Apple TV+ has had ample time to stretch its streaming legs, it is working its way up to compete with the paid-streaming-service big dogs. These are the top shows on Apple TV+, ranked from best to worst.

1 Servant

Apple TV+

Another well-written story from M. Night Shyamalan, Servant does not disappoint. The story is framed around a couple who have recently lost their baby to a horrible accident and Leanne—the nanny the mourning couple recently hired to look after the “child”—and her questionable past, present, and future. When Leanne is visited by people from her past, things start to crumble. It is creepy, refreshingly thought-provoking, and has the enchantment of typical Shyamalan work. This is a fantastic series with an equally captivating storyline that we cannot wait to see more of in season two.

2 Get Rolling with Otis

Otis the tractor with his pal the grey kitten.
Apple TV

Get Rolling with Otis is an adorable cartoon about a little red tractor and his animal friends on the farm. This endearing show is based on the children’s books written by Loren Long. The show is touching and visually beautiful; this sweet cartoon follows the little tractor on his many adventures around the farm. His heart on his engine glows whenever he empathizes with his friends.

Captivating for both parents and children, this show offers a quieter type of entertainment than what children are used to watching today. Though the lessons are loud and clear—kindness and teamwork will always save the day. This show digs deep into compassion and empathy for each other, which is every bit as important as your child learning their ABCs.

3 Amazing Stories

Amazing Stories Reboot
Apple TV

As always, Steven Spielberg isn’t capable of creating bad work, and this respun version of his 1987 Amazing Stories is no exception. This time, though, it’s being told by a handful of Spielberg-selected writers and filmmakers. Each episode is a short story made up of intrigue and fantasy that will linger long after watching it.

Audiences will get to watch as the characters experience such phenomena as time travel, magic rings, amnesia after a coma, and much more.

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4 See

See Jason Momoa
Apple TV

See could have turned into a flop, but its uniqueness carried this series about survival for three seasons. This is the story of a post-apocalyptic tribe of humans without eyesight and how they survive until twins with sight are born. It’s difficult to imagine a society where everyone is completely blind, and watching this show opens our minds to what could be and possibly makes us a tad more grateful to have our gift of sight.

Most reviews say this show is a flop. See might not be realistic when showing the struggles of the completely blind, but it does offer a view of the struggles one might face if living in an uncivilized jungle. Some compare it to a knock-off Game of Thrones, but it is not some tired storyline that we’ve been plagued with before. Instead, it’s truly original and captivating.

5 Dickinson

Emily Dickinson and Death sit together on a couch.
Apple TV

Yet another Apple TV+ series most reviewers have claimed was a failure, but in all reality, it isn’t a complete flop. As a take on the life of Emily Dickinson (played by Hailee Steinfeld), Dickinson is undoubtedly different than some thought it would be; instead, we have something ancient brought to life in the light of the modern age. The characters do not speak in a historically accurate tone, but they speak the way we do in our current society.

Surely you can recall Leonardo Dicaprio’s Romeo and Juliet movie. It was well-loved, even though it was a modern take on an ancient story. Give Dickinson and its three seasons a chance; you will see this is not like other stories. All three seasons are available now for streaming.

6 Animal Control

Animal Control

Seeing the series’ cover photo might make you skip this one, but before you write it off completely, there are some reasons to give the show a chance. Sometimes you want to watch something light and not overly complicated before you call it a night. Animal Control is that kind of goofy comedy you need. It’s about a group of animal control officers and their hilarious issues with humans and animals. It stars funnyman Joel McHale, so you know you’re in for something ridiculous.

The escapades of the animal control agents as they figure out what to do with bunnies on magic chocolate, a cow at a fraternity, and a long stretch of personal issues each agent faces in their life is put into this short and hilarious form that we can all enjoy without getting bit.

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7 Roar

Roar Apple TV
Apple TV

This is a unique new show with promise. Roar has a fantastic lineup of actors, including Nicole Kidman, Issa Rae, and Betty Gilpin playing altogether oddball characters. This show tells eight grand stories with an unusually dark feministic approach. It is strange and sometimes unsettling but will not be easily forgotten. A good story can be based on how long it lingers in your mind after it ends and what thoughts it resurrects from your mind.

Roar follows an openly eccentric storyline that combines women with feminist fantasies, such as shopping at the husband store. You might be left scratching your head after watching this one, but it is unique.

8 Bad Sisters

Garvey Sisters in Bad Sisters
Apple TV Plus

This deliciously scandalous new Irish show, Bad Sisters, is off to a great start and we can’t wait to see what Season 2 has in store. The show begins with one of the sisters’ husbands, John Paul dying prematurely while all of her sisters look guilty. John Paul was not a well-loved man, and each sister had more than enough reason to want him dead. While that might not sound all that appealing, the show is a real page-turner and will leave you wanting to binge the entire first season just to see what the Garvey sisters cook up next.

This head-scratching whodunit drama reels us in and leaves us wanting more. The second season is geared up to kick off sometime shortly. Wish we knew how long of a wait it would be.

9 The Morning Show

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon sit as anchors looking grim on The Morning Show.
Echo Films

The Morning Show appeared to be set up for success with its character lineup, but sadly, that isn’t the case. Maybe it needed to stretch its legs and warm up for a dynamic third season. Generally, we see the first season of anything as the jaw-dropping, captivating season that reels fans in and carries them into the following seasons. Let’s hope Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, and Steve Carell can do the magic they are well known for and bring this rather boring show to life.

Since this has been one of the newer shows to get a lot of publicity and gather a broad spectrum of reviews, it’s worth it to give The Morning Show a chance—or even a second chance if you’ve already watched the pilot episode. You may just be in for a surprise when this dynamite, almost always hilarious crew kicks it into full gear and finds their groove. Don’t sink it in the lake just yet.

10 Not Dead Yet


The storyline for Not Dead Yet is a bit too familiar and just not captivating. Our hopes were high when we first entered the world of Not Dead Yet, though we mostly limped out in despair and disappointment after the realization that the show just couldn’t pull it off. A woman settling into her new single life faces numerous challenges as she tries to find herself and her new path. With so much that Apple TV+ has to offer that is original and worthy of a chance, this one is worth skipping. The show has yet to finish Season 1, but it would be genuinely surprising if there was a second season in its future.

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