‘She’s First Class’: Michael Gove Defends Suella Braverman Reappointment

Ms Braverman resigned from Liz Truss’ government after sending an official document from her personal email to a fellow MP.

The Leveling Up secretary told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge on Sunday: “Suella is a first-rate politician of the first rank.

“She acknowledged that a mistake had been made. She is working hard to ensure that our borders can be made more secure and that the police are more effective.

“She is a valued member of the cabinet and someone I admire and like.”

Mr Gove later told the UKTN Laura Kuenssberg is a politician of integrity after being shown an email from Mrs Braverman to her colleague.

He then went on to add that he was pleased that Ms. Braverman should be reinstated in the role after she resigned, apologized and took full responsibility.

In response, Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper, demanded “correct answers” about the incident.

She told Sky News: “We need to have good answers as to whether this was Suella Braverman’s first security breach.

“We believe that the papers and warnings provided to the Prime Minister by the Cabinet and by the Cabinet Secretary should be sent to the Intelligence and Security Commission.

“Until now, we have repeatedly asked whether the Home Secretary has used her personal phone to send other government documents.

“There are also questions as to whether she has been investigated for other vulnerabilities, including a case involving the Security Service and a case involving sensitive legal advice in Northern Ireland.

“Well, this is just irresponsible. You cannot have a Secretary of the Interior who is not trusted by the Security Service, who is not trusted with important government information.

“And it really shows the huge error of judgment Rishi Sunak made in reappointing someone just six days after breaking the ministerial code on security breaches, reappointing her to this hugely serious position.”


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