Sharon Stone Shares Painful Story How She lost Custody Of Child After Basic Instinct Release

Sharon Stone claims that she was unaware that her privates would be on display in the iconic scene from Basic Instinct. She was forced to remove her underwear because of lighting problems, and it wasn’t until she saw the finished film that she realized a camera had been pointed up her skirt, as she recounts in her 2021 autobiography.

Stone now admits she knew the moment she permitted to remain in the film would result in the loss of custody of her kid. Stone claims in a podcast interview that the judge who granted Stone and Phil Bronstein’s divorce in 2004 used the scenario as justification for giving her ex-husband custody of their 2000 adopted son, Roan.

Stone reveals that the judge asked Roan, then age 4, if he knew his mother made sex movies on the Table for Two podcast, as reported by Variety. Stone calls it “system abuse” because people questioned what kind of dad he was because of the film’s production.

Stone goes on to say, “People are going around with no clothes on at all on regular TV today and you saw maybe like a 16th of a second of possible nudity of me—and I lost custody of my child.” Stone was eventually awarded visitation rights to Roan. ‘That crushed my heart,’ the 64-year-old said. She says she ended up at the Mayo Clinic because she was experiencing “additional heartbeats in the top and lower chambers” of her heart.

The sequence from Basic Instinct would have a profound impact on her career. Stone remembers that when her name was announced as a nomination for best actress in a drama at the 1993 Golden Globes, her friends laughed. “I felt like a total failure… I wanted to hide underground “That’s what Stone claims. “How difficult do you think it was to play that part?

That’s very heartbreaking. Wow, that’s some serious chilling. Given the complexity of the film, the fact that it was pushing boundaries and garnering widespread criticism, and the intense pressure that its makers undoubtedly felt, it would have been foolish not to attempt to see it through.”

The stress of working on “a large film for a major company” that “included nudity, sex, homosexuality, all these things that, in my period, were breaking norms” was something she discussed in an interview with the New Yorker in 2021.

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