Setjetting – Will Netflix Choose Your Next Vacation?

It seems our streaming habits are now influencing our travel habits – it’s increasingly common that once a place is featured on a popular TV show, it’s followed by a big boost in travel.

Take Squid Game. If you’ve watched an episode of the wildly popular Netflix series and then considered taking a vacation to South Korea, you wouldn’t be alone. Demand has increased so much that major cities across the country are now offering lodging based on the game, and during the summer Seoul built a giant replica of the scary doll from the show to attract the crowds.

Whether it’s the colonial locations of The Crown or St Petersburg of Hulu’s The Great, people are increasingly traveling to destinations where they’ve seen their favorite characters inhabit — and it’s a trend that seems to be continuing well beyond life. of the series. Breaking Bad ended filming in 2013, but the city of Albuquerque still hosts guided RV tours, and tourists can buy fake crystal meth at a local candy store.

And some cities are trying to capitalize on the success of favorite shows by improving tourism opportunities with other countries. For example, the Oscar-winning South African documentary My Octopus Teacher has enticed people to visit and Chull-joo Park, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to South Africa, has talked about improving tourism ties between the two countries, based on the successes of Squid Game and My Octopus Teacher – because just a small peak in tourism can have a big economic impact.

Park says: “If South Africa and South Korea could attract just 1% of outbound travelers in 2019, before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, that would be 280,000 Korean tourists for South Africa and 60,000 South African tourists for Korea every year.”

Cooking shows also encourage travel. Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown (first shown on) UKTN) spent 12 seasons discovering the best food in the world — and one Reddit user even published a map for all of Bourdain’s foodie fans from each destination, so everyone can visit it now, too.


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