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Serbian Dancing Lady Video Viral, Terrifying Serbian Dancing Lady Video Goes Viral on Internet Full Story

Today we are going to discuss a Serbian dancing lady. If you see this woman, you better boogie. footage of a woman swinging her hips under the moonlight dubbed the Serbian dancing lady has become a viral sensation on TikTok. The 11-second clip, set to horror music has drawn more than 105.3 million views since it was posted in February. Be careful guys, reads the video caption. This post comes three years after several people reported witnessing an elderly woman dressed in a national outfit dancing in Serbian streets and threatening witnesses with a knife.

The story is spreading, as well as pictures and videos where a woman, who they say is not in her right mind, dressed in something similar to a national outfit, jumps out in front of people and cars and then starts to dance something similar to the movements of Serbian legend,” an unknown source told Serbia Today in September 2019. “Namely, to make matters more harmful, people in cars are playing for her to get out of the way, and passers-by are taking cover, whereupon she takes out her knife that she carries with her and threatens people,” the source continued.

Serbian Dancing Lady Video Viral

No injuries were reported at the time. Serbia Today posted the footage to YouTube to accompany its story. The Post reached out to the TikToker who shared the video in February. Other clips have appeared of a dancing woman chasing viewers with an object in her hand. One social media influencer imagined the woman was being controlled by a demon. “The dancing Serbian woman is an unnamed woman who dances on the street at night,” the TikToker claimed. “She will then attack anyone who she hears or sees. “It’s believed she is being controlled by a demon who you can see literally right there,” she continued, pointing to a dark hunk on the street. “It’s believed that she is just an innocent lady that’s being controlled by a demon or the devil.

“So she is currently working as the devil’s container to commit these crimes,” the TikToker finished. “It’s pretty scary, not gonna lie.” A video posted on TikTok earlier this month purported to reveal the woman’s face. As social media users debate if the footage is real or a scam or if there’s more than one woman some have offered laughable takes on TikTok.  People are very scared when they watched this video. When further information will come we will update you. For further information stay tuned with us.

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