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Seinfeld Fans Have A Hilarious Episode Idea That Makes Kramer An Uber Driver

A 2019 post from u/EvoTRiX, evidently based on a 4chan comment, depicts Jerry ordering rideshare services after Kramer borrows his car. However, “Kramer is his Uber driver” who “still charges him for the ride.” This is not just a loopy, funny modern “Seinfeld” premise, but it seems like something Kramer would absolutely do to Jerry.

u/halloni imagines Kramer telling Jerry, “Alrighty, it’s gonna be 20 upfront” much to his friend’s horror and irritation. Naturally, u/thebbman believes Jerry’s mooching neighbor would also come by the next day and say, “No tip?!”

But u/greggerypeccary may have the best spin on the plot, as their comment brings in Jerry’s nemesis, Newman (Wayne Knight). Uber cars have to have special license plates in New York City. Kramer puts them on Jerry’s car and loses Jerry’s actual license plate. The comment explains how then “Newman finds the plates and puts them on his car, skipping tolls all over town.” It’s petty, ridiculous behavior, and therefore truly worthy of the show.

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