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Scream 6's Post-Credit Scene Has Fans Divided

Fans have fallen along fairly mixed lines when it comes to Mindy Meeks-Martin’s quick joke.  

The more positive reactions came from fans who didn’t mind having a laugh at their own expense. “Whoever decided to do that, is a Genius!” said @NerdInTexas. “That got me good, and I wasn’t even expecting a post credits scene,” said u/abeLJosh, who admitted they had stuck around for Mike Shinoda’s end credit song and were surprised by Mindy’s dissertation. Many fans reported that their enjoyment of the scene was improved by the laughter of their fellow fans. “Half of my theatre still stayed and they laughed at this,” said u/cruel-oath. 

But some franchise devotees found the joke to be a little bit cornball. “The literal embarrassment everyone in the theater felt when the Scream 6 post-credit scene finished,” reported @mosesmorales_. u/Sp00kyScarySkeleton had a similar personal experience at their own screening. “I had a single chuckled and said oh f*** off. So a little of both for me,” they declared. Some filmgoers felt foolish for waiting around for the post-credit moment, either on the strength of reading light spoilers before attending their showings or because they thought the moment would be paid off after it occurred. @FrostedBlakes34 spoke for thousands of fans by comparing the act of waiting for the scene to play out to a documentary clip of one of the world’s foremost clowns on the job.

Still, some “Scream” fans think that film buffs ought not to complain, especially when comparing the scene to other recent movies. “I can’t believe people are complaining about the post-credit scene when the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness one literally exists,” said @m_fragkou. Pizza Papa would not approve.

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