Saudi Arabia: Great news for cinema goers

The good news for cinema goers in Saudi Arabia is that ticket prices have come down.

According to media reports, the cinema company (VOX CINEMAS) announced the reduction in ticket prices, which sent a wave of joy among the moviegoers.

The standard ticket price has been reduced from 45 riyals to 35 riyals while the premium ticket can now be purchased for 45 riyals instead of 54 riyals. The initiative aims to attract more people to cinemas.

In August last year, the Saudi Ministry of Culture released a report stating that annual ticket sales increased by 2,605 percent after the opening of cinemas.

According to the report, moviegoers spent 206.2 million rupees on tickets in 2021, while in 2018 this amount was only 7.6 million rupees.

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