‘Saturday Night Live’ focuses on Republican candidates in the last episode

“Saturday Night Live” poked fun at three Senate and governmental Republican nominees in the show’s cold opening after mounting momentum in their battlefield battle.

The show parodied an episode “PBS NewsHour,” which starred Heidi Gardner as host Judy Woodruff as she watched Georgia Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker, Pennsylvania Republican Senate nominee Mehmet Oz, and Arizona Governor Kari Lake. , interviewed.

“Dr. Oz, you recently overtook your opponent, John Fetterman, which surprised many in the media,” Gardner said as Woodruff.

“I sure have,” Mikey Day replied as Oz. “Let’s not forget, I was a contender, Judy. But I’ve always told myself that you can win this election if you’re honest, if you’re honest and if your opponent has a debilitating medical emergency.”

Fetterman suffered a stroke just before taking home the Democratic nomination, and his recovery was at the center of last week’s debate in the hotly contested race.

At one point, Day wears a Philadelphia Phillies hat with the label still attached, a reference to Democratic attacks that Oz isn’t from The Keystone State and didn’t move there until 2020.

“Just had a delicious Philadelphia cheese and steak. Yum,” Day said as Oz.

While interviewing Kenan Thompson as Walker, Gardner brought up recent allegations of two women that the Republican candidate paid for their abortions.

“You’ve had a tough campaign,” Gardner said as Woodruff. “A second wife has now claimed that you paid for her abortion, and your ex-wife has said that you once held a gun to her head. Why are millions of Georgians still voting for you?”

“Gas,” Thompson replied as Walker.

Walker has denied the abortion allegations.

“Like the great Trump Donald said, I can afford an abortion in the middle of Fifth Avenue and not lose voters,” Thompson said.

When Gardner introduces Cecily Strong to the show as Lake, the candidate responds by saying, “Great to be with you, Judy, on your sweet little show full of lies.”

“If the people of Arizona elect me, I will make sure they never have to vote again,” said Strong as Lake, who has backed baseless claims of mass electoral fraud in the 2020 presidential contest.


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