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Sarah Michelle Gellar Returns To Supernatural Horror In The Trailer For Paramount+ Series Wolf Pack

The full “Wolf Pack” trailer is finally here, and it’s packed to bursting with chaos, drama, and supernatural hijinks. The action starts on a school bus that’s stuck on a road next to a growing wildfire in California. When animals begin stampeding out of the woods toward the gridlocked cars, a group of teens onboard the bus gets attacked and turned, presumably, into werewolves.

The rest of the trailer is a bit frenetic, cutting between different sides of the story as the teens come to terms with their newfound abilities, bloodlust, and loyalty to the “pack.” Sarah Michelle Gellar enters the scene as a government agent, who says that she’s “part of a joint task force investigating the wildfires.” Whether that’s true or just a clever ruse — and what exactly the connection is between the fires and the wolves — remains to be seen.

More than anything, the “Wolf Pack” trailer reads like a true blending of Jeff Davis’ two most popular shows. It has the supernatural high school drama of “Teen Wolf,” as well as the investigative crime procedural elements of “Criminal Minds.” There are even hints at some middle-aged romance for Gellar’s character alongside all the inevitable teenage drama, which is refreshing to see. “Wolf Pack” premieres on Paramount+ on January 26.

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