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Sarah Jessica Parker Spotted Wearing the Cursed Vivienne Westwood Wedding Gown From ‘Sex and the City: The Movie’

Sex and the City fans didn’t lose track of Carrie Bradshaw and her pals when the original series ended in 2004. A few years later, the cast returned for Sex and the City: The Movie. The flick brought viewers through the emotional rollercoaster of Carrie and Mr. Big’s engagement and called off wedding. Now, Carrie is back, as a widow, in the HBO Max reboot, And Just Like That… Season 2 is currently in the works. While the fashion thus far has raised a few questions, fans are clamoring to know the meaning behind one specific outfit. Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted filming in the Vivienne Westwood wedding gown she was set to marry Mr. Big in. Why has the dress made a reappearance? We aren’t sure, but we have a couple of theories. 

Sarah Jessica Parker spotted wearing Carrie Bradshaw’s cursed wedding gown 

It has been over a decade since Sex and the City fans watched Carrie Bradshaw, jilted by Mr. Big, hit him repeatedly with her boutique while dressed in a gorgeous Vivienne Westwood wedding gown. The dress appeared briefly once more in the movie before it was never seen again. Most fans of the original franchise probably haven’t thought of the dress since, but it looks like it will be appearing in season 2 of And Just Like That… 

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