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Samsung Galaxy A32 receives customized version with 30000 mAh battery

The Samsung Galaxy A32 is one of the best smartphones you can buy for around €200, with a very interesting set of specifications. Among them you will find a 5000 mAh battery that offers good autonomy,

But, what if that autonomy is not enough for its use? What if this equipment hit the market with a giant 30,000 mAh battery? Well, that’s what Reddit user Downtown_Cranberry44 wanted to answer with this adventure.

Samsung Galaxy A32 is modified with a 30000mAh battery

Apparently dissatisfied with the autonomy of his Samsung Galaxy A32 or simply an adventurer, Downtown_Cranberry44 modified a copy of the equipment. To do this, it has incorporated a huge 30,000 mAh battery into this mid-range.

In fact, this copy of the Samsung Galaxy A32 now has a set of six Samsung 50E batteries with a capacity of 5000 mAh each. A set that replaced the single internal cell that comes standard with this product.

The result, as you can see in the images, is a very inelegant smartphone due to its thickness. It’s almost like walking with a brick attached to your back, making the Galaxy A32 go from the traditional 205 grams of weight to more than 450 grams.

Samsung Galaxy A32

In addition to the physical compromise associated with this change, we have several features that no longer work. The main one is the remaining battery level which, by not recognizing this internal battery, is constantly at 1%.

That is, the user cannot accurately know the remaining autonomy of his Galaxy A32. As a result, he only used the smartphone for two days, as he couldn’t get an exact idea of ​​how much battery was left. To fully charge it took seven hours.

Samsung Galaxy A32

Thanks to this modification, the author has added multiple entries to his Galaxy A32. This one now has two USB-C, two USB-A, a microUSB, and even a Lightning. Something that gives this model the power to charge others, in the style of a powerbank.

In short, this mod is more of a joke and something to be taken seriously. In addition to making the smartphone not very portable, there are some limitations that certainly compromise the proper use of the product.

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