River Thames party boat plan Monday to Sunday sparks opposition

Councils along the Thames, including Westminster, Southwark and Greenwich, have submitted their own responses to the planning meeting.

Peter Golds, Conservative councilor in Tower Hamlets, told The Telegraph that allowing the party boat to go would be a disaster for residents.

“This is no longer an industrial river, the area along it is a residential area,” he said, adding: “you imagine at one o’clock on a summer morning when you are trying to go to sleep and there are 1500 people having a party. slowly past your bathroom windows on the River Thames.

“And not to mention when it docks, wherever it docks, all those people who spent hours on that boat that will absolutely stagger into the street like salamanders and God knows whither [at 3am].”

He pointed out that party boats reversed halfway up the river and then sailed back as they came, disturbing residents a second time.


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