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Ringo Starr Was Stood Up By Bob Dylan While Working on the Drummer’s Lost Solo Album

Ringo Starr could always rely on a little help from his friends. The drummer’s 1973 solo album was the only post-Beatles record to feature every member of the Fab Four (albeit on different songs). Yet Ringo got stood up by Bob Dylan as the ex-Beatle worked on a solo album in 1987. Similar to the time Paul McCartney threatened him and made Ringo emotional, Dylan wasn’t very kind to one of his friends.

(l-r) Ringo Starr; Bob Dylan | Lester Cohen; Rob Verhorst/Redferns

Ringo Starr and Bob Dylan formed a solid relationship

The story of The Beatles conquering the United States is practically rock history 101 at this point. After winning over English fans with their earliest singles, the Fab Four won over millions of U.S. fans with their Feb. 9, 1964, appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show

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