Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Performance Reportedly Received Over 100 FCC Complaints For Being ‘Too Sexualized’

Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime performance reportedly provoked criticism from a fraction of viewers who deemed the display to be too sexual, as reported by TMZ.

The FCC Reportedly Received Over 100 Complaints About Rih’s Performance

According to the Daily Mail, Rihanna’s first performance since 2016 was viewed by over 100 million people. But, as reported by TMZ, a fraction of Super Bowl viewers “flooded” the FCC with complaints about the show. The FCC, or Federal Communications Bureau, is a government agency that regulates “interstate and international communications through cable, radio, television, satellite and wire,” as reported by USAGov.

The outlet reports that viewers complained about the star’s performance having “lyrics and choreography were way too sexualized.” And some, according to the outlet, even compared the singer’s performance “to porn.”

TMZ Shared The Alleged Complaints With The Public

Additionally, the outlet adds that the FCC reportedly received 103 complaints regarding Rihanna’s 13-minute performance set. TMZ shared a few of the complaints with the public.


This year the halftime show was so indecent I had to turn off the TV because of the pornographic content.

Many complaints cited Rihanna’s provocative dance moves as cause for criticism.

A political reporter named Noah Pransky was able to obtain a list of the states where most of the complaints came from.

And shared a few additional complaints that he uncovered.

Political Reporter Noah Pransky Shared How The Complaints Measure Up To Previous Halftime Performances

Noah Pransky was also able to provide further insight as to how the number of complaints the FCC received for Rihanna’s performance measured up to past halftime shows.

Social Media Users React

Social media users were quick to share their reactions to news of the complaints. Many of whom seemed puzzled by the backlash.

Roommates, how did you feel about Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime performance?

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