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Rick Riordan Shares His First Reaction to Percy Jackson Series

Percy Jackson and the Olympians still has a long way to go in post-production before it debuts on Disney+, but the episodes are slowly starting to take shape and Rick Riordan shares an amazing reaction to them.

Speaking with ComicBook, the author confirmed that he has already been able to see part of the episodes of the series and shared his thoughts on the matter:

“I’ve seen cuts of all the episodes at this point, multiple cuts, because they do go through a manuscript. They go through revision, after revision, after revision. They’re great.”

A few weeks ago, Riordan’s wife took over her social media to inform fans she has also seen a bit of the show, and shared an emotional reaction. So fans are now even more excited to finally get a new adaptation of the books series after the failed attempt of taking the story to the big screen.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians, such as the books, will follow the story of Percy, an adolescent who finds out he’s a demigod just like Hercules. After discovering he is the son of Poseidon, Percy will join Camp Halfblood to learn how to fight and use his abilities to save humanity.

The series will star The Adam Project‘s Walker Scobell as Percy himself, Aryan Simhadri as Grover, and Leah Sava Jeffries as Annabeth, forming the main trio. Joining them will be Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jay Duplass, Timothy Omundson, Adam Joseph Copeland​, the late Lance Reddick, Toby Stephens, and Jennifer Shirley.

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Percy Jackson Is One of the Many Book Sagas Coming to the Small Screen

Warner Bros.

Just as the young demigod tried to succeed in theaters in 2010 with Logan Lerman as the lead, other great literary sagas had their chance to shine on the big screen too.

Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, The Narnia Chronicles and more became big franchises thanks to their movies, and now they want to do the same on television. Warner Bros. Discovery recently announced that J.K. Rowling’s saga is coming to HBO Max in series format.

Twilight is also being adapted into a tv show, and Netflix announced a few years back that they were working on different adaptations of the C.S. Lewis’ books after the cinematographic version couldn’t even be completed.

And even though The Hunger Games is coming back with a new movie in November with The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes which recently released its first trailer, the possibilities of expanding the Suzanne Collins’ franchise are endless and surely Lionsgate won’t miss it.

The Lord of the Rings is another great example of how successful literary and cinematographic franchises have now become a great target for streaming services in order to create tv series, something that has definitely been encouraged by Game of Thrones success.

George R.R. Martin’s books are also becoming a huge streaming franchise after the end of the main show, adapting different stories written by the author and even exploring characters and plots that do not have a source material to come from.

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