Reps query FAAN over dilapidated Nigerian airports 

The House of Representatives has queried the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN ) over the dilapidated state of airports in the country.

Chairman of the House Committee on Aviation, Nnaji Nnolim, during a hearing with the managing director of FAAN, Capt. Rabiu Yadudu, Wednesday, regretted that the situation has persisted over a long period of time.

Questioning the MD on the situation, Nnolim said, “We are concerned about our airports. Over a long period of time we realised the escalators and lifts are not functioning. The air-conditioning system sometimes had leakages and the scanners have problems too. This is why we are here to find out why our airports are not functioning. If it is other countries, they may decide to close down the terminal buildings because of the condition. Also, people with disabilities are also complaining because they cannot even use the facilities. It is a problem.”

The committee also queried FAAN over the demolition of houses said to be on airport land in Lagos.

“Part of our concern is the demolition going on in Lagos. You know we speak for the people, so whatever concerns people have affects us. That is why we decided to call you to find out what is going on in Lagos. We are not against any exercise, but we really want to know what is going on there,” he said.

Responding to the state of the airports, he said the problem was being addressed.

The MD said: “I believe it mostly revolves around Abuja airport. It is something we have seen and spent the past months trying to fix.  But the lifts and escalators came with the airport and have been here for almost 40 years. So, they should have been replaced over time. 

“Experts recommend that the escalators and lifts be replaced. We started the process of replacement and it took us a lot of time because it is government due process and funding. Now there is a contract to replace all the lifts, escalators in Abuja airport. It is a legacy problem.”

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