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Red Sonja Remake Producer Addresses Bryan Singer's Exit

The Red Sonja remake is in the works, and while X-Men helmer Bryan Singer was originally on board to direct, the film is getting made with M. J. Bassett in the director’s chair. In 2018, Singer had signed on to helm the movie, but the pressure for Millennium Media to cut ties with the filmmaker increased amid accusations of sexual assault. He wound up exiting the project in 2019, which was followed by Joey Soloway stepping in before Bassett ultimately got the job by the time production started.

In a new interview with THR, Millennium President and Red Sonja producer Jeffrey Greenstein touched on the situation with Singer. Addressing why the studio initially stood by Singer before parting ways with him the next year, Greenstein noted how the controversy was beginning to outweigh the movie, leading to the shift in directors. As Greenstein puts it:


“Well, you try to make the best decision you can in the moment. As time goes on, you pivot and continue to make the best possible decision for the movie, for the studio, for everyone involved. We came to [Transparent creator] Joey Soloway, who is a good friend and was going to direct and remains a creative force and executive producer on the project. And M.J. took the reins after and really helped to bring the story into fruition.”

Greenstein also stressed that the goal they had is to make the decisions that are best for the film they were making. Too much talk about the director’s alleged indiscretions would have tarnished the viewing experience, making the change necessary.

“Information is more readily available, but I think the world just wants to hold itself to a higher standard. That’s something that is important for all of us to take on board. With that being said, we’re trying to focus on telling stories, and anything that takes the focus away from that, isn’t something that’s good for the studio, for the project and for the audience.”

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Red Sonja Gets Reimagined

Red Sonja Reboot
Millennium Films

The new film is written by Tasha Huo, Joey Soloway, and M. J. Bassett. Along with Matilda Lutz in the lead, the film also stars Wallis Day, Robert Sheehan, Michael Bisping, Martyn Ford, Eliza Matengu, and Rhona Mitra.

Red Sonja is based on the comic book of the same name from Dynamite Entertainment. It was famously turned into a live-action movie in 1985 with Brigitte Nielsen starring opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger; Richard Fleischer directed. There was also an animated adaptation, Red Sonja: Queen of Plagues, that was released in 2016. Misty Lee provided the voice of Red Sonja for that film.

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