Prophet ‘Baba Peculiar’ urges Nigerians to shun violence during elections

A prominent clergyman, Prophet James Kunle Hephzibah popularly known as ‘Baba Peculiar’ has advised Nigerians to shun violence, thuggery and all other anti-social norms while voting for a candidate of their choice in the upcoming presidential, National Assembly, gubernatorial and State Houses of Assembly elections.

According to Baba Peculiar who is the General Overseer of the  Peculiar God’s Glory Ministry International said: ‘First of all, l don’t have a preference for any political party. As a confirmed man of God, l don’t and should not support any political party. l support everybody but Nigerians should be focused and vote wisely if they want to take back what belongs to them. They should be focused and vote for who they believe is capable of piloting the affairs of Nigeria. This is my advice to Nigerians. Violence cannot solve anything; you cannot achieve anything by force’.

An optimistic Baba Peculiar who recently bagged an international award for peace building from the International Association of World Peace Advocates (IAWPA) for his pacifist conflict resolution mechanisms also predicted that Nigeria and Nigerians will emerge stronger from their present challenges.

The Prophet said: “Nigerians should pray hard and remain focused because we are going to see a new Nigeria, a better Nigeria. Nigeria is going to be great whether we like it or not. It is going to be so great that many foreigners will fly down to Nigeria, live and invest in Nigeria because it is going to be a safe place; security wise it is going to be one hundred percent safe.

“The Nigeria we talk about is going to be the giant of not just Africa but the giant of the whole world. That is what is going to happen but Nigerians should be focused and they should vote wisely for this to happen. And they should not bother about what is happening now, it is just a phase and it will surely pass and another phase will come which will usher in a better Nigeria. We are going to enjoy the new Nigeria as it is going to be one of the greatest giants of the world and not just Africa. And many foreigners will fly down to Nigeria, not just to invest but also to live in Nigeria because of what they will see in Nigeria. We are going to see a great Nigeria, a wonderful Nigeria, mark my words’ lt will be recalled that Prophet J.K. Hephzibah launched a monthly Operation Feed the Nation Outreach program where his ministry provides counselling, feeding and distribution of food items to poor families, widows, orphans, the sick, the physically challenged and other vulnerable members of society in furtherance of his mission to bring succour, support and sustenance to society while spreading the divine message of deliverance, repentance, forgiveness, love and submission to the will of the Almighty God.”

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