Probe spurred on Truss phone hack claims

Claims that former British Prime Minister Liz Truss’ mobile phone was hacked by foreign agents while she was serving as Foreign Secretary “must be urgently investigated,” the opposition Labor party said.

Private messages exchanged between Truss’s personal phone and foreign officials — including detailed discussions about arms supplies to Ukraine — were allegedly intercepted by foreign agents, the Mail on Sunday reported, citing security sources.

The paper claimed the hack was discovered during this summer’s Conservative leadership campaign, but details were withheld by then Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Cabinet Secretary Simon Case. Russia was suspected of being behind the hack, the report said.

Labor’s Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper said the allegations were “extremely serious”.

“There are hugely important national security issues raised by an attack like this by a hostile state that will be taken extremely seriously by our intelligence and security services,” Cooper said in a statement.

“There are also serious security questions about why and how this information has been leaked or released at this point, which also needs to be urgently investigated,” she said. “It is essential that all these security issues are investigated and addressed at the highest level and we need to know that the government recognizes the seriousness of this and the importance of fully protecting our national security.”

Commenting on the report, UK Housing Minister Michael Gove told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge program that the government had “very robust protocols” in place to ensure the security of government communications.

“I don’t know the full details of any possible security breach,” Gove said. “I am sure the correct protocols have been followed. I am confident that more information will be released as appropriate.”

Citing allies of Truss, the Mail on Sunday reported that the former foreign secretary had feared revelations about the hack would jeopardize her bid to become prime minister, with one claiming she “had trouble sleeping” until it was confirmed that news of the alleged security breach would not be disclosed by the government.

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