Portable spotted in the studio with Carter Efe (Video)

Popular Nigerian singer, Habeeb ”Portable” Okikiola and skit-maker cum artiste, Carter Efe have hit the studio to record something for their fans.

Two of them were spotted producing a new sound alongside musician Berri Tiga who is close to Carter.

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It is, however, not clear if the three of them want to record a joint song or hop on multiple songs together.

In a clip which has gone viral, Portable was singing into the microphone with passion while the Machala crooner just watched and was bumping his head to the tune.

Afer they were done singing, there was an in-house listening session to the final mixed and mastered song that they hope would be a hit.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, a Ghanaian lady, Deborah Seyram Adablah, recently filed a lawsuit against her sugar daddy for failing to fulfil his promise to take care of her.

The lady, who was a staff of First Atlantic Bank, dragged Ernest Kwasi Nimako, her former boss and secret lover before an Accra High Court.

In the suit dated January 23, 2023, the defendant is expected to appear in court before Friday, 27th of January 2023.

Deborah did her national service at the bank and concluded in July 2021, however, she said she was coerced into being in a relationship with the married man, or risk being frustrated at the workplace had she failed to give in to his advances.

The accuser claims that Mr Ernest promised to buy her a car, pay her rent for a period of three years and give her a monthly stipend of GH3,000.

Deborah also said that her former boss agreed to divorce his wife to marry her because his marriage had broken down beyond repairs, and he also said he will give her a huge sum of money to start her own business.

In her writ of summons and statement of claims, she said that the sugar daddy bought the car, a Honda Civic, worth GH120,000 as promised but registered it in his name.

She told the court that after about a year of enjoying the car, he then denied her access to continue using it.

The complainant revealed that as against handling her accommodation for three years, he only paid for one year rent.

She also accused the defendant of abuse, sexual harassment, maltreatment, exploitation and also lowering her reputation.

Deborah said she was offered permament employment at the establishment after her national service, but she turned down the opportunity because the manager, Ernest, promised to make life comfortable for her.

According to her, their relationship went south in July 2022 when Ernest decided to stop paying her rent and also providing other benefits he promised her.

She was then forced to sue her sugar daddy for breach of contract. Deborah prayed the court court to order the defendant to fulfil all promises, including giving her capital to start a business.

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