Pokemon Go: Miltank – 100% IV and what Shiny Miltank looks like

Miltank it is called the Milk Cow Pokémon and is precisely what a traditional sort Pokémon seems to be like. Like many different Pokemon, you’ll be able to catch Miltank in Pokemon Go.

It belongs to the second technology of Pokémon and has been round for fairly a while Pokémon Go crossing paths.

In ours Information we’ll present you the way good values ​​IV search for a dairy and the like dazzling Miltank seems to be in recreation.

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What are the right stats for Miltank in Pokemon Go?

“Good” means various things in Pokémon Go, they usually depend upon what you need to do with the Pokémon. On the one hand, we now have the very best model of the Pokemon with IV 100% and stats 15/15/15.

In fact, you’ll be able to’t instantly see a Pokemon’s IV standing with out catching it, however the Pokemon’s CP when it is caught can inform if a Miltank has good stats.

In case you are at the very least coach degree 30, the next CP values ​​correspond to an ideal 15/15/15 Miltank:

  • Stage 15 (Max WP) – 1,009 WP
  • Stage 30 (Max WP) – 2,018 WP
  • Stage 35 (max WP with climate help) – 2,186 WP

As much as degree 30, the WP worth is predicated in your coach degree. Since most gamers have reached degree 30 by now, we’ll maintain it to this common info. Nonetheless, remember that the values ​​might range in case you are not degree 30 but.

Is there a Shiny Miltank in Pokemon Go?

Additionally Shiny Miltank you will have encountered it in Pokémon Go for a while now, though Miltank just isn’t a really widespread Pokémon within the recreation world.

So it takes lots of luck to stumble throughout one within the wild. You may have a greater likelihood at occasions the place Miltank seems extra typically within the recreation.

Miltank can’t be advanced.

What does Shiny Miltank appear to be?

If you happen to come throughout a shiny Miltank, you will undoubtedly discover. Whereas the traditional Miltank has pink pores and skin and pods coloured to match, the Miltank is each coloured a lightweight shade of blue. So you’ll be able to see at a look if the Miltank you clicked on is shiny or not.

Shiny Miltank


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