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‘Physical 100’: The Cast of Athletes Were Not Tested for Doping – Here’s Why

There were 100 contestants on Netflix‘s Physical 100. The South Korean reality competition series had bodybuilders, national athletes, fitness celebrities, and professional fighters go head-to-head for a chance to win. Since the series’ global fame, there has been some scandal concerning the Physical 100 finale winner. The producers said they ensured the quests and challenges of Physical 100 were fair, even when testing the contestants for doping.

‘Physical 100’ contestants during the boat challenge | via Netflix

The series included some of the fitness industry’s top bodybuilders

Every contestant on Physical 100 was there for a reason. Kim Min-cheol initially thought the message he received from Netflix was a scam. But everyone picked for the competition series is either a national athlete or have a tremendous following as a fitness celebrity. MMA fighter Choo Sung-hoon is both, having an extensive career in judo before becoming a professional fighter. But he is well-known throughout Korea for his multiple appearances on TV.

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