Pfizer Recalls Millions of Pills Over Risk of Poisoning Children

Pfizer has recalled over four million packages of Nurtec ODT due to the risk of poisoning children.  The recall was announced by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Pfizer is recalling the medication, typically used to treat migraines, because it is currently in a blister packet that is not deemed “child resistant” and therefore poses a possible risk to children. “Child resistant” packaging, obviously, must be significantly challenging for a child under five to open it, the CPSC says.

Nurtec ODT users can contact Pfizer to receive a free child-resistant pouch to put the medication in, according to the safety commission.

“The recalled prescription drugs must be in child resistant packaging as required by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA). The packaging of the products is not child resistant, posing a risk of poisoning if the contents are swallowed by young children,” the CPSC said.

Pfizer is recalling 4.2 million packages of Nurtec ODT, which contain eight 75 mg disintegrating tablets each. The Poison Prevention Safety Act (PPPA) requires this medication to be in child-resistant packaging.

“The tablets are in a non-child resistant blister card packaged in a carton that includes the name of the product, dosage strength, NDC number and expiration date,” the safety commission said.

Pharmacies nationwide sold the medication packages from December 2021 through March 2023.

Nurtec’s statement explains there is no need to return Nurtec packages and adds that the “recall” refers to any situation where a product needs repair, replacement, refund, or notice/warning.

In 2022, Pfizer reported revenues of $100.3 Billionan all-time high for the pharmaceutical company. It attributed its revenue growth to Paxlovid and Comirnaty.

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