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Peter Pan & Wendy's Trailer Has Jude Law Fans Split Over His Captain Hook

Sporting long, raggedy hair and missing a right hand, Jude Law is nearly unrecognizable in the “Peter Pan & Wendy” trailer. This striking appearance is exactly what fans are divided about. While @tiffanymarsou posted on Twitter that Law is the only good part of the otherwise dreary looking film, not everyone shares this opinion. 

“Getting Jude Law to play Captain Hook and not making him attractive beyond belief is a crime,” @citrusro posted on Twitter. While Law does not look like his typical self, other fans approved of the look, but that was also not universal. In fact, one user pointed out how Law’s charming personality and renowned appearance could work against his portrayal as Hook.

“Honestly, nothing about Jude Law as Hook is making me think ‘an evil guy who can lead a bunch of pirates,'” @AjepArts posted on Twitter. “It’s giving me more ‘wet behind the ears.'” On the other hand, Law has previously and successfully played lightly against type in “Hugo” and “Contagion.” Fans can only hope that he pulls it off again in “Peter Pan & Wendy.”

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