Periscoping Maikano’s leadership prowess

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The Aso Villa General Administrative Officer, Alhaji Abubakar Maikano, is presently riding on the wave of the greatest public acceptance in the history of Southern Kaduna, Kaduna state.

Alhaji Maikano, who hails from Sanga local government area of Kaduna state, is one of the administrative officers that is entrenched with qualities containing the face of human feelings for the vulnerable and less privileged in the society.

It is against this backdrop that he has been silently desirous of using his knowledge, skills, intellect, experience and social good will to create value for the benefit of mankind through building the capacity of women and youth to be assertive and develop the spirit of entrepreneurship when it comes to issues that affect them.

The gentleman has been a silent achiever that doesn’t want anybody to thump up for him or publicise his philanthropic activities, owing to the fact that his strengthening resilience and sustaining development are done because of God, and also to showcase the positive accomplishments and successes of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration.

What informed the decision of this comment was borne out of gratitude to Alhaji Abubakar Maikano on his incessant spearheading policies that are instrumental to making people have a sense of belonging and hope, geared towards making them useful to themselves, their communities and the country at large.

Alhaji Maikano has a penchant for giving out scholarships taking into consideration that education is the bedrock of development in any society, hence the need to accord it all the attention it deserves, that was why he has placed priority on educational development of students and people.

He has given out scholarships, bursary and assistance to several people on several occasions, that cannot pay their tuition fees and other things, and is presently planning to organise programmes to give out more scholarships to many.

His philanthropic activities are a continuous phenomenon, which the reason its impact is felt all over the place because the country is blessed with human and material resources that need sound and visionary leaders to fully maximise the potential.

It is against this backdrop that to God be the glory, Southern Kaduna is blessed with Alhaji Abubakar Maikano who has what it takes and is committed to place the area on the path of sustainable development, owing to the fact that he has placed the overriding interest of the people above all other considerations to ensure the people are taken to another level of meaningful development.

Although Alhaji Maikano does not like being given publicity for his exceptional service to humanity, absolute brilliant leadership style and unwavering commitment to the development of Nigeria, there is no alternative than to happily present to the world an extraordinary man in his deeds, achievements and interactions.

Within the time he to serves the nation in different capacities, Alhaji Maikano, who is not a man of many words but full of action, has thrown his weight with all and sundry, an action that has made his name to become a household name in Southern Kaduna, Kaduna state and the country in general. His name is also written on the sands of time for restoring hope and building bridges of trust, mutual respect and understanding among the people, irrespective of any difference.

His sustenance of peace and tranquility (which are necessary ingredients for growth and development) within Southern Kaduna zone cannot be overemphasised. He was instrumental to peace meetings among various communities and interest groups, geared towards drawing agenda that would promote peace, and was always proactive whenever there is any security challenge.

This untainted sense of mission and vision has seen him having cordial relationship with the people in all places, leading to normalcy and uninterrupted peace returning to the people.

Maikano has a great name, and has been able to cope up with it all the time and over the years. This illustrious son of Southern Kaduna, apart from numerous kind gestures, has remained committed to charity, philantrophy and empowerment of people, irrespective of being his people or same faith.

He is an noble hero of this generation, that believes in sustainable and continues development by becoming an ivory tower to the next generation. Maikano has also facilitated employment opportunities for teeming youths from all nooks and crannies.

When an area is blessed with such a man, even if he doesn’t want the world to know about his great name, might and force of character, the beneficiaries of the kind gestures of this gentleman of high repute, epitome of peace, justice and good governance, would continue to shower accolades and encomiums on him for touching their lives positively, in addition to praying for him.

In all these accolades, the people of Southern Kaduna sincerely appreciate the dynamic and visionary President Buhari who saw the qualities and potential in Abubakar Maikano, and gave him this rare opportunity to serve as Aso Villa General Administrative officer and also one time acting Chief of Staff.

It is a real fact that throughout history, people are made great for the cause they served, and a life lived for others which is the true meaning of fulfilled life. There is no doubt that Abubakar Maikano has chosen a life service and good work.

The people of Southern Kaduna especially students, the downtrodden, and vulnerable in the society, shall forever remain grateful and give honour to Alhaji Abubakar Maikano, in recognition of his contributions to the social, security, economic and educational development of the people of the area, Kaduna state and Nigeria in general.

Comrade Thomas writes from Kafanchan, Kaduna state.

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