Pastor uses bible verse to explain why buying assets in mother’s name is wrong (Video)

Pastor Lanre of House on The Rock pastor, has said it is not acceptable by biblical standards for anyone to buy assets in their mother’s name.

He stated this in view of the reports of Moroccan football star, Achraf Hakimi fixing majority of his assets under his mum, Saida Mouh.

The player’s wife, Hiba filed for divorce and demanded half of his wealth but she was informed in court that he has no assets legally assigned to him.

Speaking on the matter during sermon in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Pastor Lanre quoted Genesis 2:24 which says ‘For this reason shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife; and the two shall become one flesh’.

According to him, it makes no sense for a husband to do such to his wife because by the virtue of marriage they are one.

He said someone needs to clear the air so that people do not live against the ways that have been directed by God .

The pastor also wondered why a man would get married to a woman he does not trust.

“Why marry who you don’t trust in the first place?” he queried.

Watch video below:

timblaze_; Where is it in the Bible for a woman to take 50% of a man’s wealth? 😂

flora_flawa_; How did we Nigerians even carry this matter for head pass the owner sef ? 😂
It’s not biblical but Hakimi is not a Christian so kilo shele ?

db_naturals_; If dem like make dem buy with their grand mother name. Na my papa name I wan dey use buy my own 😂

studyabroadmaestro; That’s my Pastor. Always on the side of truth 👏👏👏

victorsweet1996; Most footballers use their family members as their agent either their mom, dad or siblings. Like Messi father is his agent. So hakimi is not wrong

liz_world25_; What if mummy go sow una properties as seed to the church? Una no Dey fear?

wackathome_cuisine; Well said Man of God,Real men love and trust their wives 😍🙌

softking1004; 33 Christians were killed in southern kaduna but na property under mothers name una dey preach🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

callhim__ebuka; ome pastors sha go just Dey Dey yarn rubbish 🤮💔leaving the main message God sent them to preach which is salvation and repentance

db_jewelry_hubandbags; I wan buy with my father, brother and grandfather name.

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