PAP wants to strengthen guarantees and protection for Singaporeans in volatile world: DPM Wong

SINGAPORE: Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong on Sunday (November 6) outlined three hopes he has for the year-long Forward Singapore exercise, including strengthening guarantees and protections for Singaporeans in a more volatile world.

Named the fourth-generation, or 4G, team leader in April, Mr. Wong addressed more than 3,000 party members at the biannual People’s Action Party (PAP) conference at Resorts World Sentosa.

He is also a member of the party’s Central Executive Committee, having been elected to the highest decision-making body for the first time in 2020.

Together with the 4G team, Mr. Wong is leading the Forward Singapore exercise, which aims to set a roadmap for the next decade and beyond.

In his speech on Sunday, he said he first wants to “help Singaporeans from all backgrounds realize their full potential and share in the success of our country”.

“The PAP has always strived to achieve this by building a good education system and by giving everyone a share through public housing,” he added.

Mr Wong said he believes there is still room for the party to do more, ensure that children emerging from more difficult circumstances have a good start in life, and “broaden our view of merit by developing talents in recognize and develop different areas, and help everyone progress at multiple stages of their lives.”

In addition, he said he would like to strengthen “insurance and protection for Singaporeans in a more uncertain and volatile world”.

“This means we need to further tilt our policies in favor of the less fortunate and vulnerable,” he added.

“We want to do more to help lower-income families and help our seniors with their healthcare and retirement needs, especially those who had lower or less stable incomes during their working years.”

Wong’s third hope, he said, was to see a “stronger sense of solidarity and responsibility in our society.”

He added: “It’s not just about the government doing more. It’s also about us all coming together, everyone playing their part to achieve our shared goals, because that’s how we strengthen our ethos of collective support and build our democracy of action.”

He noted that these hopes and ideals he cited are “anchored in the roots and UKTN of the PAP” and that the party achieves these goals in collaboration with others, the main partnership being the symbiotic partnership with the National Trade Union Congress ( NTUC).

Mr Wong told the audience that he sought their continued support to actively participate in the Forward Singapore process and to encourage those around them to take a keen interest in it.

“Whether we do it right will make all the difference, because it will not only determine policy outcomes, but also determine the renewed compactness and structure of our society,” he said.


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