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‘Outlast’: Jill Ashock Claims She Was Surprised by Justin Court Stealing the Sleeping Bags

Jill Ashock became one of the most controversial contestants on the Netflix series Outlast. Along with Justin Court and Amber Asay, Team Alpha did whatever they could to sabotage the other teams and win the game. One of their most diabolical moves came when Justin stole Team Delta’s sleeping bags. However, Jill claims that Justin’s actions in the Alaskan wilderness took her by surprise.

Amber Asay, Jill Ashock, and Justin Court in ‘Outlast’ | Netflix

Team Alpha stole sleeping bags from Team Delta

Outlast challenged individuals to team up and see how long they could endure the harsh Alaskan wilderness. In episode 4, Team Alpha embraced a dark strategy. “He was talking about going on the other side and stealing their sleeping bags,” Amber whispered to Jill of their team member, Justin.

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