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Orlando Mesa Murder: How Did He Die? Who Killed Him?

Residents of Miami, Florida, were shocked when Orlando Mesa was brutally murdered outside his own residence. Orlando’s 18-month-old son also sustained severe injuries in the attack, but timely medical help saved his life. ‘Dateline: Miami Heat’ chronicles the shocking incident and even portrays how the tragedy affected the victim’s wife, Janepsy “Cindy” Carballo. Let’s delve into the details surrounding the incident and find out more, shall we?

How Did Orlando Mesa Die?

Orlando Mesa was a loving father who resided with his wife, Janepsy “Cindy” Carballo, and their eighteen-month-old son in North Miami, Florida. Although the show mentioned that Orlando had a prominent criminal record and was in trouble with the law previously, Cindy claimed that he was a hands-on father who swore off his previous life to take care of his family. Besides, neighbors described them as a typical American family and insisted that there was nothing that stood out of the ordinary.

In fact, both Orlando and Cindy appeared entirely invested in their parental duties, and people had no idea about the tragedy that would soon befall them. Reports mention that the couple’s eighteen-month-old son was biking across their driveway on April 20, 2008, while Orlando kept a close eye on him. Meanwhile, Cindy was busy with household duties inside when she heard a car pull up. Although the mother of one did not think much about it then, the terror set in once she heard the sounds of gunfire followed by the car driving away.

Cindy immediately rushed out of her house, only to find her husband and child lying on the pavement, bleeding profusely from what looked like bullet wounds. Devastated and stunned, she wasted no time in calling 911, and first responders arrived to find the eighteen-year-old still alive. Cindy then decided to accompany her son to a nearby hospital while paramedics tried to resuscitate her husband. However, Orlando wasn’t so lucky, and an autopsy determined that multiple gunshot wounds led to his death.

Who Killed Orlando Mesa?

The initial investigation into Orlando’s murder was pretty challenging as the police had no leads or witnesses to work with. Although they canvassed the area around the victim’s house and even interviewed several of Orlando’s acquaintances, no one could provide authorities with an immediate suspect. Besides, the police even went door to door looking for any possible witness or information but to no avail. However, upon further investigation, detectives found a CCTV camera focused directly on the victim’s driveway.

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Hence, authorities sifted through hours of footage until they located Orlando and his son playing on the driveway on the day of the tragedy. Although the two soon went out of the camera’s frame, law enforcement officials noticed a white car pull up alongside a pavement before two armed men jumped outside and shot incessantly at the victim. Incidentally, the attack lasted for a few seconds, and the assailants wasted no time in making a quick getaway. Realizing that the attack was a planned hit, the police publicized whatever information they had.

Meanwhile, Cindy appeared on national television asking the public to come forward with leads that might help apprehend her husband’s killer. Moreover, the next bit of information came from her itself. She believed Orlando’s business associate, Illam Nissm, was responsible for the murder. Furthermore, the victim’s wife mentioned how Orlando had lent Illam around $180,000, which was mysteriously lost. However, she refused to wear a wire when talking to the suspect, which made the police extremely suspicious. Despite Cindy’s refusal to wear a wire, the police were carrying out their own investigation when a shocking incident turned the case on its head.

On May 20, 2008, Cindy called 911 and claimed she shot Illam in self-defense. The mother of one further insisted that Illam forced his way into her house and physically assaulted her, forcing her to pull the trigger. Subsequently, Cindy’s statement matched the coroner’s report, and the police did not charge her with murder. Several months after Illam’s death, she opened a healthcare clinic in Miami, which soon came under the DEA’s radar. The DEA believed the clinic was being used as a pill mill and convinced an employee to provide them with information as an undercover informant.

However, the informant uncovered shocking news when speaking with Cindy, as the latter confessed to luring Illam to her house before shooting him. The confession helped police charge Cindy with deliberate murder, and even though she pled not guilty in court, the jury had a different point of view. Subsequently, she was convicted of the first-degree murder of Illam Nissim and sentenced to life in prison without parole in 2014. Still, readers should note that Orlando’s murder remains unsolved as of the time of writing, and no one has been arrested for the same.

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