Oil prices have decreased in the global market, will the oil be cheaper in Pakistan?

Oil prices decreased in the world market, due to the possibility of interest rate increase in the United States, the tendency of oil prices to decrease is being seen.

According to the details, there is a significant decrease in oil prices in the global market. Due to the possible increase in interest rates by the US Federal Reserve and the economic impact of the production capacity in China, the OPEC Plus supply will be implemented from this month. Oil prices have fallen due to the new cuts.

The meeting of the US Federal Reserve is likely to be held on May 2-3, in which there is a possibility of a further increase in interest rates with 25 basis points. According to the report, the US dollar increased against several currencies, due to which countries with other currencies Therefore, oil prices have increased further.

It has been reported that the price of British crude oil per barrel has decreased by 1.21 dollars or 1.5%, after which its price reached 79.12 dollars. While the price of American crude oil per barrel has also decreased by 96 cents or 1.3%, after which this The price has increased to 75.82 dollars per barrel.

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