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New York: Man Dies After NYC Subway Rider Puts Him in Chokehold

A man has been chokehold and killed by a fellow passenger on a subway in New York. The video of the horrifying incident has been viral. It can be seen that one man is restraining the victim and the other two are helping him. However, it has not been clear that the man who chokehold the victim was doing it intentionally or trying to calm him as the victim was behaving in a “hostile and erratic manner” A journalist captured the incident and posted it on Facebook. The video is viral on the internet and on many channels. The horrifying incident stunned the people. We are going to share the whole information of the incident which we have sourced. Scroll down to know more.

The unusual and horrifying incident has been reported from the subway in New York. It has been reported that a man who has been identified as a 30-year-old man was killed on Monday after he was grabbed and chokehold by another passenger. As per the witnesses, the deceased man got on the subway and started behaving aggressively and showing unusual and erratic behaviour. His fellow passengers were scared by his behaviour as he was screaming in the subway. He was speaking at random anything and the co-passengers in the train compartment were scared so much as he boarded the train and began yelling. The incident happened on F- the train going Northbound.

New York: Man Dies After NYC Subway

The incident shocked the people as it seems that the victim might have come from some problematic situation or might have taken any kind of drugs. However, the police took over the accused rider who chokehold the victim into custody. The police interrogated him and after some time released him. The man has not been charged but his identity has not been revealed. It has been assumed that he was only trying to calm him by restraining him as the victim was behaving unusually towards the co-passengers.

However, the video is viral and people are making their assumptions. The incident happened on Monday afternoon. The video shows a man holding the neck of the deceased victim who is trying to free himself. The police are investigating and trying to find out the identity of the deceased man. The police informed them that they will go through the post-mortem report and will access all video footage and interrogate the witnesses and will track the victim’s route. Some reports tell that the victim has been identified as Jordan Neely. The police have not revealed anything about the incident and investigating rigorously. We will be back if we sourced more info. Stay tuned…….

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