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NCIS' Sean Murray Says A Positive On-Set Environment Results In Stellar Cast Chemistry

The friendly, easygoing environment of the “NCIS” set stands in direct opposition to the tense, heinous acts that the show’s characters must investigate. According to Sean Murray, “NCIS” is a more positive place than even the sets of other shows. “Some people have their guard up because they’ve come from other sets where it’s like, ‘hit your mark and bark,’ and it’s very hardcore,” Murray told Entertainment Weekly. “And they come to us and they see that it’s friendly and that we encourage the positive dynamics.”

Newer cast members have taken to the on-set dynamics like a fish to water. “Everyone seems to just kind of fall in,” Murray continued. “I’ve seen everyone kind of just come in and feel that vibe and pick up on it and go with it.” The “NCIS” veteran noted in particular how much he enjoys working with Gary Cole, who joined the series in Season 19. “I love Gary to death,” he said. “Gary is fantastic, and I’m having so much fun with him.” He also had favorable things to say about Katrina Law, who made her first appearance in Season 18: “Katrina is a blast. I mean, Katrina is so cool.”

For Murray, that camaraderie comes through in the episodes. “I do think that shows through in the performances,” he reiterated. “Especially this current ensemble seems to have such great chemistry.”

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