My husband can wake up at midnight to cook for me – Nigerian lady says as she shares experience

A Nigerian lady identified as Aishah Kabir has revealed that she appreciates her loving husband dearly because he’s always ready to attend to her needs.

She stated via her Twitter page that he is the only person in the world who can wake up in the middle of the night and cook any type of foos she wants.

According to the happily married woman, he once comforted her when she fell ill and gave her a special care like a baby.

Aisha noted that all the things he does are the reasons she is cautious about offending him and always strives to please him.

The woman shared her story while reacting to a Twitter user that tweeted; Married couples tell us one thing your partner did that made you said “God thank you for making this person mine” feed us with good stories.

She narrated: “My husband is the only person on this earth that I can wake in the middle of his sleep at night, to tell him I want noodles, with the description of exactly how I want it, and he’ll wake up and cook it for me. Kawai sai dai Alhamdullillah. I have nothing to complain about.

When I got sick, I was projectile vom*t*ng everywhere. He held me till I was done. Cleaned me, cleaned the entire place, then came back to bed & held me, rubbed my back till I fell asleep. Some days I’ll wake up in pain, he will not sleep till I’m feeling better.

So when you see me so eager to please him & cautious of anything that will upset this man, don’t come an say misogyny yen yen yen…”

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