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Mike Nesmith Had a Texas Street Named After Him, Long Before Finding Fame With The Monkees

Before finding fame with The Monkees, Mike Nesmith was recognized with his own street located in San Antonio, Texas. This unlikely circumstance occurred long before Nesmith became a superstar recording artist with the wildly popular 1960s music group as well as a television star. How did Nesmith achieve such legendary status in San Antonio? It all had to do with a family member with big plans as a developer.

Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, and Mike Nesmith | Getty Images/Screen Archives/Getty Images

Mike Nesmith attended college in San Antonio, Texas

Nesmith began his career in the entertainment business as a folk singer while a student at San Antonio College. He performed at an Alamo City venue, the Teen Canteen, and won the school’s first talent competition with fellow musician John Kuehne reported the San Antonio Current.

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