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Matteo Upload Season 2 Actor

Matteo Upload Season 2 Actor: Greg Daniels produced and wrote the Amazon Original series Upload, which premiered on May 1, 2020. The show is set in 2033, when people can opt to get a “digital life extension” whether they are near death or simply want to end their existence early so that they might live on as an upload. Would we choose to die organically or live eternally in a digital paradise if we had the option?

Matteo Upload Season 2 Actor

The famed Lakeview, where inhabitants get to live in a pleasant resort next to a placid lake in the heart of the woods, is one of the locations for digital after-lives. Panera Facebook’s Aeon, which is practically Las Vegas; Paradiso TuttiTempo, a beautiful Tuscan destination; and Nat-Geo Instagram Safari are among the other possibilities available. Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell) is a generally kind person with a few irritating characteristics who works as a coding specialist on a free upload software called Beyond. After being injured when his self-driving car collides with a truck, he decides to upload.

Ingrid (Allegra Edwards), his wealthy girlfriend, pays for his stay at Lakeview and makes every effort to keep this fact from him. Angels assist Uploads in adjusting to life after death, and Nathan develops a strong bond with his angel Nora (Andy Allo), eventually developing affections for her, which she reciprocates. As the season progresses, we learn that Nathan’s accident was not an accident, but rather the result of manipulation. Nora tries everything she can to figure out what occurred and who was responsible, including secretly using her boss’s computer to look for information and recovering Nathan’s damaged memory data.

What is the release date for Upload Season 2?

On March 11, 2022, Upload Season 2 will be available to stream. Unlike the first season, which featured ten episodes, this season will only have seven. Let’s hope this is a sign that each episode will be increasingly more dramatic. Because all seven episodes will be released at the same time, you’ll be able to binge the full season at once. The upload has gotten a lot of praise for being amusing and engaging, even though it may be scary at times because it gives viewers a glimpse into what their afterlife might be like.

Matteo Upload Season 2 Actor
Matteo Upload Season 2 Actor

Take a look at the trailer for Season 2 of Upload

Season 2’s official teaser was posted on Amazon Prime Video on February 23, 2022, just a few weeks before its premiere. We get a look at Nathan’s life at Lakeview now that Ingrid has uploaded it in the trailer, which you can see above. Nora is back, this time with a new hairstyle and a new boyfriend. Is this an indication that her feelings for Nathan have shifted? In Season 2, let’s hope they find their way back to each other.

Which characters will return for Season 2 of Upload?

In Upload Season 2, many characters from the real world and Lakeview will return. Nathan and Nora, the main characters, will once again be at the center of the pandemonium. The following friends and family members will return for a second season as well:

  • Nathan’s on-again, off-again girlfriend, Ingrid (Allegra Edwards).
  • Nora’s friend and coworker at Horizen, Aleesha (Zainab Johnson).
  • Nathan’s best friend at Lakeview is Luke (Kevin Bigley).
  • Nora’s odious supervisor at Horizen is Lucy (Andrea Rosen).
  • Nathan’s mother, Viv (Jessica Tuck).
  • Nathan’s niece Nevaeh (Chloe Coleman)
  • Nora’s father, Dave (Chris Williams).

Matteo Upload Season 2 Actor

Nathan’s Aunt Fran (Elizabeth Bowen), who was killed in Season 1 while investigating Nathan’s death; Josh Pitzer (Scott Patey), an executive who was interested in buying Beyond and a person of interest in the investigation until he was found with his head burned off by a fake scanner; and Jamie (Jordan Johnson-Hinds), who used to be Nathan’s friend and business partner, are among the characters we won’t be seeing again. Jamie’s avoidance of Nathan raised suspicions that he was involved in the tragedy, but it turned out that he was avoiding Nathan out of remorse over hooking up with Ingrid behind Nathan’s back.

Matteo Upload Season 2 Actor
Matteo Upload Season 2 Actor

In Upload Season 2, who are the new characters and cast members?

Matteo, Nora’s new boyfriend, will be played by Paulo Costanzo in Season 2. Aside from the kiss between him and Nora, the trailer doesn’t reveal anything about their relationship, such as how they met or how long they’ve been together. Another newcomer is Mackenzie Cardwell, who will play Tinsley, a new customer service angel at Horizen. On March 11, we’ll learn more about these two characters.

What Happens in Upload Season 2?

Nora tells Nathan that she loves him in the Season 1 finale, which ends on a cliffhanger. As if it wasn’t stunning enough, we learn that Ingrid has uploaded herself to be with Nathan indefinitely. We know Nathan has feelings for Nora, but now that she has a new boyfriend, will he try to work things out with Ingrid or try to reclaim Nora? “You don’t run away from something you know is good just because there are a couple bumps in the road,” Nathan said in Episode 8.

In Season 1, we also learned that Ingrid’s father Oliver was involved in Nathan’s sad death. Nathan may confront Oliver about his nefarious plans, or he may even disclose his acquired memory files to the authorities in order to catch Oliver. Nora and Aleesha also appear to wish to exploit their Horizen information to create a stir in the digital afterlife market and make uploading accessible to everyone, regardless of financial circumstances.


Nathan has been transferred into an experimental clone body and virtually brought back to life, thus our time at Lakeview appears to be finished, at least for the time being. This season, Horizen has been a touch loose with its terms and conditions, utilizing an upgrade to intrude on the privacy of their uploaded customers’ lives. Do you believe you’ll be able to afford a full private upgrade? With a few lines of code and a click of a button, that can be changed.

Matteo Upload Season 2 Actor
Matteo Upload Season 2 Actor

EXCLUSIVE: Paulo Costanzo will reprise his role as Matteo, a young dynamic leader prone to fits of self-importance, in the second season of Amazon’s Upload from EP Greg Daniels. Upload is about a guy who, after an untimely death, is able to choose his own afterlife by having his consciousness uploaded into a virtual environment. Questions about his death arise as he adjusts to his new life and befriends his angel (real-world handler).

For eight seasons on USA’s Royal Pains, the Toronto, Canada native played Evan R. Lawson. In addition, he directed three episodes of the show. Costanzo has had recurring roles on Syfy’s The Expanse and CBS All Access’ The Good Fight, as well as being a regular on ABC’s Designated Survivor in its second season. He also appeared in four episodes of HBO’s Emmy-winning drama The Night Of, in which he played a pivotal part.

On the Friends spinoff series Joey, Costanzo played Michael Tribbiani. Road Trip, Josie and the Pussycats, and 40 Days and 40 Nights are among his feature film credits. Artists First, Gersh, Great North Artists Management, and Stone Genow Smelkinson Binder & Christopher in Toronto represent him.

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