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Marvel's Disney+ Shows: The 8 Best And 8 Worst Episodes

The penultimate episode of “Moon Knight” is a drastic change of pace for the show. While these kinds of episodes can often be a slog that slows the whole season’s pacing, “Asylum” succeeds in just about every way that it can, elevating it beyond the already fantastic season of “Moon Knight.” After his apparent death in the previous episode, Marc Spector and his other personality, Steven Grant, are trapped in the Duat — the Egyptian realm of the dead. There, they meet the Egyptian goddess Taweret. She forces the two to confront their pasts, including the traumatic event that led to Marc developing dissociative identity disorder.

“Asylum” is easily one of the best episodes of any Marvel series. It delivers on multiple, powerful emotional moments and pays off many of the show’s important setups. Marc’s tragic past, which includes blaming himself for his young brother’s death and his emotionally abusive mother, helps contextualize much of the character’s motivations. In addition, seeing Oscar Isaac portray both characters simultaneously, rather than switching between them, helps develop their powerful bond. This makes the ending scene where Steven Grant seemingly dies, and Marc’s decision to sacrifice his eternal paradise to save him, all the more impactful.

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