Man kicks wife out after discovering that she withdrew N3.7m from joint account (Video)

A young Nigerian man has sent his wife packing from their matrimonial home after he made a shocking discovery.

He claimed that she withdrew the whopping sum of N3.7 million (N3,700,000) from their joint bank account.

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A trending video captures him throwing his wife’s bag out of the house and destroying their portrait while in an overtly emotional state.

The husband could be seen crying because he could not fathom what would make her do such so brazenly, and the more complicated part is that she could not reveal what she used the money for.

He said he is no longer interested in the marriage, but members of the extended family made efforts to settle the matter.

In her defence, the woman said she had every right to take her husband’s money and she also threatened to get him arrested.

Sharing the clip on his page, the man wrote: “My wife must leave my house today, I just found out she withdrew 3.7 million from bank account.”

Watch the video:

In other news, a Nigerian model and beauty consultant, Ciata Jolie, has cried out after being scammed by a man she transacted business with out of trust.

The entrepreneur revealed in a video on her Instagram page that she was scammed of all her life savings in less than a month.

She said that she had saved for a very long time for several years and after she lost the money, she has experienced tough times this year.

Ciata said that her dream was to have a landed property and in December 2022, she took money she saved to her hometown.

She said that she saw a piece of land in her state and approached the owner who revealed that he inherited the land from his father.

According to the makeup artiste, te guy gave her assurance that he is trust worthy and has undergone traditional rites to ensure he lives a honest life.

Ciata believed him because he was very convincing, so she gave him the first payment of N4 million, after which he signed the necessary documents.

Unfortunately for her, when she started fencing the land in January 2023, her father joined her in working on the land.

She explained that before she started work on the land, she paid N400,000 out of which N350,000 was development fee.

The young lady said as she was preparing to leave the village, she got a phone call from someone who laid claim to the same land.

She was thrown off balance, and worse off the other man claiming ownership drew a skull like figure on the fence to ward off people.

Ciata said she later discovered that the land had been sold before and the person she paid N4million was notorious for running that kind of land sale scam which she was a victim of.

In sharing her woes, the lady advised others not to allow themselves be fooled by religion or any other beliefs.

“How I was scammed of ALL my life savings. My heart is shattered!!!,” she captioned the post.

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