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‘Love After Lockup’: Derek Reveals the Last Time He Cheated on Monique

Love After Lockup’s breakout stars are Derek and Monique. After becoming pen pals while Derek was completing a federal prison sentence, their relationship progressed to a romantic one. They’ve been together since his release, but not everyone is convinced he is committed to Monique, and his serial cheating is a huge reason. He promises he will stay faithful to Monique, but it hasn’t been that long since the last time he stepped out on her.

Derek and Monique on ‘Love After Lockup’

Derek reveals the number of women he’s slept with since being in a relationship with Monique

Fans of the show believe Derek is with Monique for financial gain. It appears that she foots the bills, despite his insistence that they are in an equal partnership. He says he had money saved before he went into federal prison that he lives off of, plus additional investments. But due to his serial cheating, it’s hard for viewers to believe that he truly loves Monique.

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