LISTEN: DDG Says He Doesn’t ‘Want’ Rubi Rose After Addressing Her Halle Bailey Shirt Claims In New Song

DDG isn’t done addressing his ex-girlfriend Rubi Rose–despite their online feud taking place over a week ago. In a new song titled Way Too Petty, DDG denied Rubi’s allegation that Halle Bailey recently wore her shirt.

“Don’t believe the internet, this not that b***h t-shirt,” he raps.

As previously reported, Rubi kicked off the back-and-forth by suggesting Halle Bailey recently wore a shirt she owned in 2021. The female rapper tweeted, “having your b***h where my clothes is crazy.” Fans pointed out the jab after photos of Bailey wearing a cropped, white tee surfaced. Rubi wore the same top in August 2020. After her initial tweet, Rubi reassured folks online that she likes Halle but called DDG “a weirdo fasho.” 

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Rapper Denies Interest In Rubi Rose After Release Of ‘Way Too Petty’

After The Shade Room shared DDG’s preview of Way Too Petty, the rapper hopped in the comments to address a consistent critique: why is he still entertaining his ex? 

“I don’t want that woman, I swear. I explained it all in the song,” DDG commented. “Can y’all stop hating me now, I come in peace. If u reading this u look beautiful today. Make sure you smile sweetheart.”

He didn’t clarify what other lyrics in the two-minute track apply to Rubi Rose. However, a few lyrics are catching the interest of fans and critics alike.

“H*es screenshotting, that sh*t lame,” DDG raps at the start of the track. “Keep her on the side, she could never be my main. She just wanna make it, she be f***ing for the fame. Posting pictures naked baby, you should feel ashamed.”

During their online back-and-forth, Rubi Rose exposed what’s believed to be recent Twitter DMs (direct messages) with DDG. And according to the screenshot, he initiated the contact, asking Rubi about her whereabouts. Rubi released the screenshot with the caption, “this is why I’m single.”  She later released a screen recording of the same messages to ensure they weren’t photoshopped.

Her screenshot prompted DDG to respond, claiming the “whole situation was foreshadowed” and already handled with Halle Bailey. Later, during their heated exchange, DDG revealed Halle was “fine” and that they “hashed this situation out” days before the online clapbacks.

He also labeled Rubi a “b***h,” “demon,” and “evil.” 

In return, Rubi claimed the Way Too Petty rapper was upset at her because she wouldn’t “go home with him” after Yung Miami’s birthday bash on Feb. 3. But he claimed the Big Mouth rapper has “been stuck” on him for two years following their split.

In a tweeted response, DDG called Rubi “old news” and a “wannabe Ice Spice.” Rose called him “sassy.” 

Their insults eventually tapered off, but not before DDG doubled down on accusations of Rubi of “trynna get back” with him. But Rubi clapped back by saying DDG contacts her trash-talking any man she’s seen with.

Rubi added:

“I’m single bc I don’t play that sh*t u know that, that’s why u went to the calm girl who will put up with it.”

Halle Bailey And DDG Attend Milan Fashion Week Amid ‘Way Too Petty’ Release

While DDG and Rubi Rose duked it out online, Halle kept her commentary to a minimum. The only allegation she seemed to address was Rubi’s claim about wearing her cropped tee. Even then, the Little Mermaid star didn’t name-drop Rose or speak on DDG’s derogatory remarks.

“The devil is working. Lol please don’t feed into the lies, especially from a third party. Stay blessed everyone,” Bailey tweeted.

Fans had speculated trouble in Halle and DDG’s romance days before the rapper got into it with his ex. Blame deleted social media posts and unfollows for that.

But her sister, Ski Bailey, put those rumors to rest after clarifying that she spoke to Halle and “nothing going on.” After her boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend got spicy online, Bailey didn’t confirm or deny the end of her relationship.

However, just hours after DDG released Way Too Petty, photos surfaced of the couple at Gucci’s show at Milan Fashion Week. Dressed in a flowy pink dress, in one photo, Halle smiled while she gripped DDG’s knee with one hand.

No reaction from Rubi Rose to DDG’s Way Too Petty…yet

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