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Led Zeppelin Played a Concert as The Nobs 53 Years Ago Today

Concert attendees in 1970 must have been checking their Led Zeppelin tickets when they arrived at a concert being performed by the Nobs. The audience had not made a mistake, as it was the same band. However, on Feb. 28, 1970, Led Zeppelin had to change their name to the Nobs for a concert in Copenhagen, Denmark, to avoid a lawsuit. 

Led Zeppelin was under threat of being sued

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page | Jorgen Angel/Redferns

In early 1970, Led Zeppelin was on a tour of Europe. The band had an upcoming concert scheduled in Copenhagen, but the show hit a snag due to its name. Frau Eva Von Zeppelin, a descendant of Count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin, the inventor of the Zeppelin airships, threatened to sue the band over making money off her family name without their permission. 

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