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Latest NPower Payment News Today 4th May 2023

Latest NPower Payment News Today 4th May 2023 can be accessed below. 

Are you a beneficiary of NPower Batch C1 or C2? The disbursement of December payments to these two batches has commenced today. Some recipients have already received their stipends, while others are still awaiting theirs.

Recall that N-Power told all recipients, particularly those with backlogs, that they would receive their payments. We have provided evidence of beneficiaries who received their stipend today as an attachment to this story.

Npower Batch C1 and C2 Payments
Npower Batch C1 and C2 Payments
Npower Batch C1 and C2 Payments
Npower Batch C1 and C2 Payments
Npower Batch C1 and C2 Payments

And now for the rest of January, February, and March payments, Because the minister says it is also on the way, we hope you understand that those who started to receive the payment of their stipends from NPower are December and November Beneficiaries, While January, February, and March are on the way.

NPower Resume Backlog Payment

The Npower Programme has recently resumed the payment of three months backlog stipends for Batch C beneficiaries. The backlog payment covers the months of October, November, and December and commenced on May 2nd, 2023.

This news comes after the management of Npower launched a validation portal a few weeks ago, requesting beneficiaries to validate their account details to reclaim their outstanding balance.

The payment process is being executed gradually, and beneficiaries who have validated their account details are being paid. However, beneficiaries who have not received their stipends for the said months are encouraged to remain patient as the payment process is ongoing.

While Npower and Nasims have not officially announced this update on their communication channels, beneficiaries who have received their payments have confirmed the news on various social media platforms.

It is expected that the payment of stipends for the months of January, February, March, and April will follow soon after the backlog of unpaid stipends are settled. Npower beneficiaries are advised to check their accounts regularly and follow the appropriate channels for updates on their stipends.

All N-POWER batch C (stream II) are expected to update their profile with relevant information on their dashboard/ self-service portal.

For deployment, kindly follow the instructions below.

    1. Login to your self-service portal on Nasims portal, click the ‘deployment tab’ to view posting details.
    2. Download and print your deployment letter.
    3. Proceed to your deployed PPA with your PPA letter for approval or rejection.
    4. Take approved PPA letter to Focal persons for approval.
    5. Take rejected PPA letter to Focal persons for redeployment.
    6. Upload the signed PPA letter to the portal if accepted or rejected by the Centre head and Focal Person.
    7. Apply for redeployment if needed.

The process for Interstate redeployment goes like this;

      • Beneficiaries are to write a mail to the NPower situation room using the address [email protected] or [email protected] (based on both health and marital reasons only)
      • Mail is reviewed and focal persons and program managers are contacted on these changes, so they’re aware.
      • Focal persons and desk officers are also notified to effect deployment after previous deployment has been revoked from the backend

The Inter-LGA redeployment process goes like this;

      • Beneficiaries are to first contact the NPower call center for change of LGA of residence.
      • When this change is effected successfully, they can now proceed to their SSP portal for redeployment.

For inter state redeployment, send an email to

  1. For help:

After successful deployment, please check the ‘deployment tab’ on your self-service portal to confirm if the deployment was captured.

If beneficiaries encounter issues validating their Npower account, they can use the provided Nasims Validation Link. For more Npower news, check back tomorrow on GoldenNewsNg.

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