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Kate Thornton Weight Gain

Kate Thornton Weight Gain: Kate Thornton is an English journalist and television presenter. In this post, we’ll talk about Kate Thornton’s weight gain. She is most known for Anchoring daytime shows such as Loose Women and This Morning, as well as being the inaugural host of The X Factor. In 2010, she and Gethin Jones co-hosted the first season of 71 Degrees North.

Kate Thornton Weight Gain

‘I gained weight like Shallow Hal’: Kate Thornton, 49, talks about how she changed when she went through menopause and says she didn’t trust herself at first. Kate Thornton has revealed that her menopausal weight gain has made her resemble Gwyneth Paltrow’s character in Shallow Hal. On Thursday, the 49-year-old TV host returned to Loose Women, where she previously served on the panel from 2009 to 2011. Kate described how she felt like she’d ‘lost’ herself when she went through menopause, gaining enormous weight (which she has now reduced) and experiencing mental fog.

‘I approached menopause as if it were a documentary,’ she added. I’m going to fight back and reclaim control because it’s controlling and eating me. ‘Now people are phoning and texting me.’ I feel as if I’ve lost myself as if I’ve been mugged. ‘It also happened in lockdown.’ It robbed me of my preferred personality, and 15 others moved in. I didn’t have faith in myself. I suddenly woke up one day like [blows air], and the weight gain was like Shallow Hal. ‘I wasn’t eating anything different because I was so weepy,’ she continued. Gwyneth Paltrow plays Rosie, a 300-pound lady with who Hal (Jack Black) falls in love with Shallow Hal.

During the conversation, Kate mentioned how she discussed menopause with her 13-year-old son Ben. ‘It was just the two of us,’ she explained. I hope he doesn’t mind me stating this on television, but he was having feelings he didn’t understand, and hormones are to blame. I’m going backward. ‘We had this talk, and it was fantastic.’ He should be aware of menopause; indeed, everyone should be aware of menopause. Kate replied, “That I’m all over the place,” when asked what she said to him.

Is Kate Thorton’s Husband Married?

Thornton is married to Erik, a sports anchor, and reporter. They have a daughter together. The family lives in a Syracuse suburb. They also have a rescue Shih Tzu named “Franzen” who they adore. Thornton had already met DJ Darren Emerson in 2004 and began dating him the next year. The couple proposed in 2007. She gave birth to her first son, Ben, on May 13, 2008. On February 3, 2011, she announced her split with Emerson live on the radio.

After leaving Loose Women in January 2012, Thornton announced that she had enrolled in college to study counseling, alleging that her television career had “hit the curb.” Matt Vincent, a construction worker, with whom she had a brief relationship. Kate shares Ben with her ex-husband, Darren Emerson, and previously told Entertainment Daily that the realization that her child was no longer a baby hit her like a tonne of bricks while she was in lockdown. ‘I like being his mother. He’s almost thirteen, and he’s starting to distance himself. ‘He’s self-sufficient,’ she explained. ‘Because we were together 24 hours a day [in lockdown], we had time to go down memory lane, which was really emotional. ‘It kind of started a grief that I’ll never have him as a baby again.’

Kate Thornton Weight Gain
Kate Thornton Weight Gain

What is Kate Thorton’s net worth and how much money does she make?

Kate Thorton’s net worth has not been revealed. She is a modest lady who does not like to draw attention to herself by flaunting her wealth. She became the youngest ever editor of the pop magazine Smash Hits in 1995, when she was 22 years old, and released her first issue in February 1996, which featured the breakup of boy band Take That. While taking on these increased editing responsibilities, Thornton pursued a second career in television. In February 1997, Thornton made his debut appearance on television as a presenter on the ITV current affairs show Straight Up.


Journalism: At the age of 22, she became the youngest ever editor of pop magazine Smash Hits in 1995, with her first issue chronicling the split of boy band Take That in February 1996. She quit a year later, unable to prevent the magazine’s sales from declining further. In 1997, she joined the Sunday Times as a Features Editor, a position she maintained until 2001, as well as a contributing editor for Marie Claire magazine, a position she kept until 2003.

Television: Thornton launched a second career in television while working in these new editing roles. Thornton’s first TV presenting role was on the ITV current affairs show Straight Up in February 1997. On the day of Princess Diana’s death, she was tasked with putting together a photo memorial with music. “…because it being a Sunday, the music library was closed, and the only item I had in my car, the only piece of music that was fitting was “Candle in the Wind” from Elton John’s greatest hits,” Thornton stated in an interview in March 2011. This event, according to colleagues, was responsible for the song’s following airplay and subsequent re-recording. Thornton is said to have been skeptical at first, but later came to accept the possibility: “I never imagined for a second that I was the missing link. But Nick Knowles (the show’s co-host) has persuaded me that whatever came as a result of it was entirely my fault.”


Since 2002, Thornton has hosted a variety of BBC Radio 2 programs. Thornton was also the writer of the radio documentary From Band to Brand in 2004 and the founder of the radio series Line of Enquiry, which launched in 2007 and invited an audience to ask questions of a number of celebrities. Thornton hosted The Boots Feel Good Forum, a health and fitness radio show that aired on Real Radio and Smooth Radio from March 10 to April 28, 2013. Thornton has hosted Paper Cuts, a BBC Radio 2 radio program, since 2014.

Other projects

Thornton, along with TV presenters Myleene Klass, Amanda Byram, and Denise Van Outen, celebrity chef Lisa Faulkner, actresses Tamzin Outhwaite, Julie Graham, and singers Heidi Range and the band All Saints, Nicole Appleton, Natalie Appleton, Mel Blatt, and Shaznay Lewis, launched cashback site TBSeen in January 2016. In September 2018, TBSeen went into administration. In 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, and 2013, Thornton presented the live Strictly Come Dancing tour. In the UK version of Shrek 2, she also voiced the red carpet presenter.

Kate is the host of the Yahoo! podcast White Wine Question Time, in which she poses three questions to three friends over three bottles of wine. Jo Joyner, Nadia Sawalha, Malin Andersson, Leigh Francis, Angela Griffin, and Amanda Holden have all been guests. The first episode of the podcast aired in December of 2018. During the lockdown, she also established and hosted Up Close And Socially Distant, a Yahoo! video series in which she spoke with celebrities, front-line employees, and those leading initiatives to assist the community. The show aired for a total of nine weeks.

Thornton was a regular stand-in host on This Morning, and she and Gethin Jones co-hosted the debut series of 71 Degrees North in 2010. Neither of them came back for the second season. She narrated The Nation’s Favorite Abba Song in 2010. In 2011, Thornton also performed A Night with Will Young. In 2012, she appeared in six episodes of Lorraine as a guest host. Thornton has also been on BBC Two’s Gravity Games, Channel 4’s Women: The Naked Truth Honest, and Sky1’s Breasts Uncupped.

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