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Julianne Moore Teams Up with Sydney Sweeney In a New Apple Feature Echo Valley

Julianne Moore, who recently starred in the Apple film Sharper, is teaming up with the Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney. Variety reports that the pair is set to play as mother and daughter in the new Apple Studio film called Echo Valley. The new Apple project has a screenplay from the creator of Mare of Easttown, Brad Ingelsby. Michael Pearce will direct the feature film.

The feature film will be produced by Brad Ingelsby in partnership with Scott Free’s Ridley Scott and Michael Pruss. Kevin Walsh of The Walsh Company is also producing as part of multi-year Apple TV+ producing deal. Ingelsby will be developing the script with Pruss. Executive producers will include Scott Greenberg, Scott Free’s Rebecca Feuer and Nicole Jordan-Webber. It was reported that Erika Olde and Sam Roseme will be joining the film as executive producers as well through the Black Bicycle Entertainment.

Echo Valley will be Ingelsby’s fourth picture working with Scott Free. The pair previously worked together on Out of The Furnace, American Woman and Our Friend. On the other hand, the film will be the third picture Ingelsby will be working with Walsh as they’ve previously worked together on American Woman and Our Friend.

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A Thriller Film That Sees How Far a Mother’s Love Can Go

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Echo Valley is a story about a mother named Kate Garrett, played by Moore, who’s currently having a hard time going through a personal tragedy. She spends most of her days boarding and training horses at the Echo Valley Farm. Things are a little more difficult for Kate as her daughter Clare, played by Sweeney, is in her rebellious phase. Things will take a turn when Clare frantically arrives one fateful night covered with someone else’s blood. The film will see how a mother’s love will be tested and how far a mother will go to save their child.

Echo Valley veers toward the thriller territory and Julianne Moore is no stranger to these kinds of films. Aside from doing Sharper, the veteran actress has starred in thriller films through the course of her career like erotic thriller Chloe, cannibalistic film Hannibal, supernatural horror film Carrie and a lot more. Sydney Sweeney is also not new to thriller films as she starred in a few projects as well, such as erotic thriller film The Voyeurs, vampire thriller film Night Teeth, and psychological thriller TV series Sharp Objects to name a few.

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