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Josh Brolin Once Called Working With Will Smith on ‘Men in Black 3’ an ‘Insane Asylum’

2012 saw Will Smith returning to the Men in Black franchise with Josh Brolin as a new recruit for the series. While on set, Brolin couldn’t help be surprised with the behind-the-scenes antics of his co-star.

Josh Brolin was cast as Agent K in ‘Men in Black 3’ thanks to a good Tommy Lee Jones impression

Josh Brolin and Will Smith | Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Brolin ended up playing a younger version of Tommy Lee Jones’ character in the third Men in Black movie. But his path towards getting the role wasn’t a conventional one. The actor once confided that he hung out with Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld and the Coen brothers at a bar one night. During their time together, Brolin would do a Tommy Lee Jones impression.

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