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John Lennon Taught George Harrison Something Important in the Songwriting Process, but Jeff Lynne Later Disputed It

John Lennon taught George Harrison something important in the songwriting process. George used the technique for years until he began working with ELO frontman Jeff Lynne in 1987 on his album Cloud Nine. Lynne showed the former Beatle that he didn’t have to write songs as John taught him.

George Harrison and John Lennon | Harry Thompson/Evening Standard/Getty Images

What John Lennon taught George Harrison about the songwriting process

In Peter Jackson’s The Beatles: Get Back, fans found out that John taught George something potentially valuable to the younger Beatle’s songwriting process. George began writing songs in 1963; his first was “Don’t Bother Me.” After that, George tentatively increased his songwriting. Whether he could get those songs on Beatles albums was another issue.

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