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Its purpose is not to make peace, I will not go on TV to do the show & More Latest News Here


Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

Elettra Lamborghini breaks the silence and tells her truth about the relationship with her sister Ginevra, after being brought up several times at Big Brother Vip.

Photo by Ginevra Lamborghini courtesy of the Endemol Shine Italy press office

Photo by Ginevra Lamborghini courtesy of the Endemol Shine Italy press office

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Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

Elettra Lamborghini broke the silence on the relationship with Geneva Lamborghini. The singer, who was brought up several times during the first episodes of Big Brother Vip, tells a different version than that of his sister. Elettra claims that she did not see in gieffina’s behavior the intention to make peace and she assures that she will not lend herself to this “sad theater“.

Elettra Lamborghini breaks the silence on his sister Ginevra

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In a long post published on Instagram, Elettra Lamborghini broke the silence on the relationship with his sister Ginevra, which has often been the subject of debate in the house of Big Brother Vip. The singer first made some clarifications about her childhood:

Anyone who knows me knows that although I am a very outgoing and extravagant person, I am also very reserved, in my sphere of relationships, family and friendships. I tend to protect the things I love the most from social media, under the eyes of people who know nothing and indeed gain. I would like to clarify that on my side I spent a very beautiful and healthy childhood, as well as my adolescence, despite the fact that I took my path very early and started traveling when I was young. I would never dream of blaming my parents on the contrary, I thank them for the firm and determined person I am today … and I would like to point out that with the other members of the family I have always had a wonderful relationship, which I still have. So in addition to falling from the pear tree, I also remain speechless. At this point I hope and hope that there is a script or someone behind it …

Then he talked about the legal steps he took to protect himself: “The warning, however, was sent a month before the program began, asking her to refrain from talking about me, with a positive reaction from her saying that she absolutely would not have touched on the subject because she was not interested. of the second episode) was a reminder. Given what has been talked about since the first episode with lots of images I NEVER disclosed and absolutely not approved by me, I imagine the goal is not to make peace but something else. often it is worth a thousand words “. And he concluded:

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I will not talk further about this little theater. I’ve been working on television for years and I don’t think it’s the place to talk about it, everything else is gossip… or in this case a sad show. Good and respect can be manifested in a different way, if I wanted to be bad I could easily have made statements and speak during all these years but I never did … it is not in my person. On the contrary, I find that going on television to put myself in a bad light is not respectful towards me (nor towards my family that is indirectly involved) and I don’t even think I deserve it after everything I’ve suffered … and believe me or not, after all the sacrifices, tears and sweat I have shed in my work over the years. Having said that, among other lies, I have never received any personal letter from him, other than the one he sent to my lawyer in response to my first warning… but if I had received it I would certainly have read it. The ways have always been different, perhaps the reason why there has been no clarification to date. I have nothing more to say about the matter, rest easy if you think I’m going to do the show there.

The request of Elettra Lamborghini’s lawyer in Geneva

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Elettra Lamborghini has published a document that shows the request made by its lawyer in Ginevra Lamborghini, in view of its participation in the Big Brother Vip, with the intention of protecting the privacy of the singer. Here are some excerpts, in the photo above the full text:

[…] At the request of my client, I proceeded to write to her sister, inviting her to behave in a respectful manner during the production of the right to privacy of Elettra Lamborghini and her family and expressly asking her not to report private facts relating to My client; Moreover, Ginevra Lamborghini had responded positively to this request, which is why we trusted in the fact that her participation in the program would take place in compliance with the more than legitimate requests of my client.

This request, however, would have been rejected by the competitor of the Big Brother Vip who – on the contrary – according to the artist’s lawyer, would have focused his narration precisely on the relationship with Elettra, rather than trying to emerge for his own personality and talent. :

Given the debut, I consider it appropriate to clearly state also here that my client is totally opposed to the fact that your family relationships are the subject of comparison on television and does not intend in any way to take part in a public dialogue in any way. on private and family matters, neither in a television studio nor elsewhere. Given the above, for the future I invite you to take into careful consideration the need not to violate the private sphere of my client in the choice of the topics that will be addressed during the episodes of the program and to take action so that events that pertain exclusively to the reserved area of ​​the Your family relationships are not subject to public disclosure.

Its purpose is not to make peace, I will not go on TV to do the show
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Its purpose is not to make peace, I will not go on TV to do the show
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Its purpose is not to make peace, I will not go on TV to do the show
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