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Is Jonathan Toews Retiring – Why He Is Not Playing Hockey?

Chicago Blackhawks’ Captain Serious: Jonathan Bryan Toews

Jonathan Bryan Toews, also known as Captain Serious, is a Canadian-born center for the Chicago Blackhawks in the National Hockey League (NHL). He currently serves as the team captain, and his contributions have made him an essential part of the team.

Jonathan Toews (Image: Source)

Draft Selection and Rookie Year

Toews was selected by the Chicago Blackhawks as the third overall choice in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft. He officially joined the team during the 2007-08 season and quickly proved his worth. As a rookie, he was nominated for the Calder Memorial Trophy and won the NHL Rookie of the Year award.

Team Captain

The following year, the Chicago Blackhawks made Toews the team captain, making him the second-youngest captain in NHL history. This decision was based on his leadership skills, work ethic, and unwavering commitment to the team. As captain, Toews has led the Blackhawks to three Stanley Cup championships.

Stanley Cup Wins

In 2010, Toews played a pivotal role in leading the Chicago Blackhawks to win the Stanley Cup. He also won the Conn Smythe Trophy for being the playoffs’ most valuable player. Toews made history by becoming the youngest player to enter the Triple Gold Club after winning the Cup, overtaking Peter Forsberg.

Toews’ success did not end there. In 2013 and 2015, he once again led the Chicago Blackhawks to win the Stanley Cup, cementing his place as one of the team’s most crucial players.

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The Sudden Departure of Jonathan Toews from the Chicago Blackhawks

Jonathan Toews, the legendary captain of the Chicago Blackhawks, is set to leave the team after an illustrious 15-season career that included three Stanley Cup wins.

However, Toews will not be re-signed by the team, as confirmed by general manager Kyle Davidson. This unexpected news has left many hockey fans wondering why the team would let go of one of their most talented players.

Jonathan Toews
Jonathan Toews (Image: Source)

Toews’ Contributions to the Blackhawks

Toews has been a vital member of the Chicago Blackhawks since he joined the team in 2007. He served as the team’s captain for eight seasons and led them to three Stanley Cup championships. In addition to his exceptional leadership, Toews is also known for his two-way play, making him a valuable asset to the team.

Why Toews is Not Playing Hockey

According to reports, Toews missed a significant portion of the 2020-21 season due to long-term COVID-19 symptoms and chronic immune response syndrome. This medical condition has forced him to put his hockey career on hold, and he has not played a game for the Blackhawks since the 2019-2020 season.

Retirement Rumors Surrounding Toews

There have been rumors that Toews may opt for retirement due to his ongoing health issues. Toews himself has not commented on these rumors, and his plans for the future remain unknown. If he does decide to retire, it would be a significant loss for the Blackhawks and the NHL as a whole.

Toews’ Legacy

Toews has left an indelible mark on the Chicago Blackhawks and the NHL. He is widely regarded as one of the best captains in the history of the league and has been praised for his leadership both on and off the ice. His contributions to the Blackhawks cannot be overstated, and he will always be remembered as a legend of the game.

Jonathan Toews Career: From Humble Beginnings to NHL Captain

Jonathan Toews, the captain of the Chicago Blackhawks, is one of the most respected players in the NHL. With his impressive skills and leadership qualities, he has led the Blackhawks to three Stanley Cup championships.

Jonathan Toews was born in Winnipeg, Canada, on April 29, 1988, to Bryan Toews, an electrician, and Andrée Gilbert, a financial specialist. Toews was raised in a bilingual household, speaking both French and English fluently. His brother, David, also played hockey and attended the University of North Dakota.

Toews attended high school at Shattuck-Saint Mary’s, where he played on the varsity hockey team. He then went on to play for the University of North Dakota, where he had an outstanding college career.

Jonathan Toews
Jonathan Toews (Image: Source)

In his freshman year, he was named Rookie of the Year in the Western Collegiate Hockey Association (WCHA). In his sophomore year, he was named to the All-WCHA First Team and was a finalist for the Hobey Baker Award, given to the top player in college hockey.

Early Career

In 2006, Toews was selected third overall by the Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL draft. He made his NHL debut in the 2007-08 season and quickly established himself as one of the league’s top young players. He was named to the NHL All-Rookie Team and finished third in the Calder Trophy voting for rookie of the year.

Toews continued to improve in his second season, leading the Blackhawks in scoring and being named an NHL All-Star for the first time. He also helped lead Canada to a gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Championship Success and NHL Leadership

Toews’ leadership qualities were evident early in his career, and he was named captain of the Blackhawks in 2008, becoming the third-youngest captain in NHL history.

In his first season as captain, he led the Blackhawks to the Western Conference Finals. The following year, he led them to the Stanley Cup championship, winning the Conn Smythe Trophy as the playoff MVP.

Toews and the Blackhawks would win two more Stanley Cups in 2013 and 2015, establishing themselves as one of the top teams in the NHL. Toews’ leadership, work ethic, and clutch play in big games were crucial to the team’s success.

Current Status

Despite his success on the ice, Toews has recently faced health issues that have kept him off the ice. He announced in 2021 that he had been dealing with long-term COVID and chronic immune response syndrome symptoms.

Due to these health issues, Toews missed the entire 2020-21 season. However, he has contributed 14 goals and 14 assists in 46 games this season before taking a break in January to focus on his health and healing.

Jonathan Toews
Jonathan Toews

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Jonathan Toews: A Canadian Hockey Legend with Three Stanley Cup Championships

Jonathan Toews, a Canadian professional ice hockey player, has cemented his legacy as one of the greatest players of his generation. Born on April 29, 1988, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Toews has accomplished remarkable feats throughout his career.

He has spent his entire career with the Chicago Blackhawks of the National Hockey League (NHL) and has led his team to three Stanley Cup championships (2010, 2013, and 2015).

Toews’ Early Life

Growing up in Winnipeg, Toews started playing hockey at a young age. He played for his local minor hockey association and later joined the Shattuck-Saint Mary’s hockey program in Faribault, Minnesota. It was there that he developed his skills and caught the attention of NHL scouts.

Toews’ professional career began in 2006 when he was selected by the Chicago Blackhawks in the first round of the NHL draft. He made his NHL debut in 2007 and quickly established himself as a top player.

In his rookie season, Toews scored 24 goals and 54 points, earning him a nomination for the Calder Memorial Trophy, which is awarded to the NHL’s top rookie.

Toews’ Career Achievements

Throughout his career, Toews has amassed an impressive list of achievements. He is a two-time Olympic gold medalist, having won with Team Canada in both 2010 and 2014.

He has also won the Frank J. Selke Trophy, awarded to the NHL’s best defensive forward, and the Conn Smythe Trophy, awarded to the most valuable player during the NHL playoffs.

Toews’ Impact on the Chicago Blackhawks

Toews has been an integral part of the Chicago Blackhawks’ success over the years. He has served as the team’s captain since 2008 and has led them to three Stanley Cup championships. His leadership, skill, and work ethic have inspired his teammates and helped elevate the Blackhawks to one of the NHL’s top teams.

Toews’ Legacy

Jonathan Toews’ legacy in the NHL is one of excellence and success. He has consistently proven himself to be a top player, and his contributions to the sport have been recognized with numerous accolades.

Toews’ leadership and determination have made him a beloved figure in the hockey community, and his impact on the Chicago Blackhawks will be felt for years to come.

Jonathan Toews Leads Canada West to Victory at World U-17 Hockey Challenge

Jonathan Toews, a Canadian ice hockey player, proved to be an instrumental player when he captained Canada West at the 2005 World U-17 Hockey Challenge, leading them to a gold medal victory.

Jonathan Toews
Jonathan Toews

Toews’ Game-Winning Goal

Toews’ contribution to the team’s success was undoubtedly immense. In the championship game against Canada Pacific, Toews scored the game-winning goal, helping Canada West to secure a 3-1 victory. The goal was a testament to Toews’ exceptional skill and composure under pressure, as he managed to find the back of the net despite the intense competition.

Tournament MVP

Toews’ impressive performance throughout the tournament did not go unnoticed. He finished with 12 points, ranking first in tournament scoring and showcasing his exceptional offensive abilities. Additionally, he was named tournament MVP, which was a testament to his leadership and impact on the team’s overall success.

Toews’ Leadership

Toews’ leadership played a pivotal role in Canada West’s victory. As the team’s captain, he set the tone on and off the ice, inspiring his teammates to perform at their best. Toews’ work ethic and determination served as an example to his teammates, motivating them to push through challenging situations and strive for excellence.


  • Toews was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, on April 29, 1988. He grew up playing hockey and began his professional career playing for the University of North Dakota.
  • Toews was drafted third overall by the Chicago Blackhawks in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft. He made his NHL debut in 2007 and quickly became a key player for the team.
  • Toews has won three Stanley Cup championships with the Blackhawks in 2010, 2013, and 2015. He was named the Conn Smythe Trophy winner as the most valuable player of the playoffs in 2010.
  • Toews has also represented Canada in international hockey competitions, winning two Olympic gold medals in 2010 and 2014, as well as a gold medal at the 2007 World Junior Championships.

  • In 2021, Toews announced that he would not be playing for the Blackhawks during the 2021-2022 season due to health issues. He did not specify the exact nature of his health issues but indicated that they were related to his immune system.
  • Toews’ absence from the Blackhawks lineup has been a major blow to the team, as he has been one of their most reliable and consistent players for many years. However, the Blackhawks have expressed their support for Toews and his decision to prioritize his health.
  • Toews is known for his strong leadership skills and has been a captain for the Blackhawks since 2008. He is respected by his teammates and opponents alike for his work ethic, determination, and sportsmanship.
  • Despite his absence from hockey, Toews remains an important figure in the sport and a beloved member of the Blackhawks community. Fans continue to show their support for him and wish him a speedy recovery.


1. Is Jonathan Toews retiring from hockey?

Ans: Yes, Jonathan Toews took a leave of absence from the Chicago Blackhawks in December 2020 due to medical reasons, and he has not played since. While there has been speculation about whether he will retire, Toews has not made any official announcements regarding his future in the sport.

2. What medical issues caused Jonathan Toews to take a leave of absence?

Ans: The specific medical issues that led to Toews’ leave of absence have not been disclosed by him or the team. However, reports suggest that Toews was experiencing symptoms related to Chronic Immune Response Syndrome (CIRS), which is a condition caused by exposure to mold or other environmental toxins.

3. When will Jonathan Toews return to playing hockey?

Ans: As of April 2023, Jonathan Toews has not yet returned to playing hockey. There has been no official update on his condition or timeline for his return. It is unclear when or if he will be able to return to the ice.

4. How has Jonathan Toews’ absence affected the Chicago Blackhawks?

Ans: Jonathan Toews is a key player and leader for the Chicago Blackhawks, and his absence has been felt on and off the ice. The team has struggled to fill the void left by his absence, and they have missed his leadership and offensive contributions. However, the Blackhawks have continued to compete and have remained in playoff contention.

5. What is Jonathan Toews’ legacy in hockey?

Ans:  Jonathan Toews is widely regarded as one of the best players of his generation and a future Hall of Famer. He has won three Stanley Cups with the Chicago Blackhawks and has been a key part of their success over the past decade. Toews is also known for his leadership and work ethic, and he has been recognized with numerous awards and honors throughout his career.

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