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Ip Man 3 Led Donnie Yen To Unknowingly Injure His Idol Mike Tyson

In a GQ feature where Donny Yen breaks down his most famous roles, Yen first lists Mike Tyson and Bruce Lee as his idols before admitting that this didn’t stop him from breaking Tyson’s finger. Apparently, during one of his choreographed Wing Chun sequences with Tyson, Yen put just a tiny bit too much force into one of his moves.

“He’s coming at me with a flurry of punches,” Yen said. “I was supposed to block all his punches with Wing Chun techniques. Now, in the Wing Chun techniques, you use your elbow. So, I go at it, maybe have a little power behind it, and I guess I accidentally hit one of his fingers.” Yen then tells the interviewer that he didn’t even realize Tyson was injured until the famous boxer walked onto set with a bandaged finger the next day.

Ultimately, everything sorted itself out and the two men ended up joking about the incident. Considering both actors’ fighting capabilities, it’s for the best that the injury was just a broken finger with no hurt feelings.

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